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Report: Walker Costing Wisconsin More than 18,000 Jobs a Year

This is a cross-post by Karen Hickey, communications director at  the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.

A report released by the Institute for Wisconsin’s Future entitled The Price of Extremismclearly and systematically outlines that Gov. Scott Walker’s policies are not working. In fact, the indirect, ripple affects of Gov. Walker’s actions are costing Wisconsin more than 18,000 full-time, private-sector jobs during the first year of Walker’s budget.

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Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s Parent, Fails to Live Up to Its Claims on Labor Rights

Teresa Casertano in the AFL-CIO Organizing Department’s Global Campaigns section sends us this report.

T-Mobile USA workers were not surprised to learn that a recent report by the Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) to the OECD revealed that T-Mobile owner, Deutsche Telekom, had failed to meet its own claims about corporate social responsibility.  Under the corporate social responsibility reporting standards set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Deutsche Telekom gives itself an A+ rating, yet it provides little evidence to justify granting itself such superior marks.

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Union Plus Mortgage Helped Striking Verizon Workers

Jennifer Wright Dorr of Union Plus reports on the Union Plus Mortgage Assistance program.

This past August, thousands of Communications Workers of America (CWA) members, from Virginia to New England, went on strike against Verizon to protect their jobs, pay and benefits. Thanks to Union Plus, workers on the picket line didn’t need to worry about missing a home payment when their paychecks stopped.

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NLRB Drops Boeing Case as Machinists Requested

After months of contention that drew the attention of presidential candidates and members of Congress, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) today announced that the Machinists (IAM) District 751 dropped its charge against the Boeing Co. after negotiating agreeable terms with the company.

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Special AFL-CIO Event Will Explore 30-Year Impact of PATCO Strike

Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan fired the nation’s air traffic controllers after they walked out on strike, signaling an escalation in the war on workers and the middle class that is still being waged three decades later.

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Voters and Academics Say So-Called Right to Work Is Wrong for Indiana

Indiana Republican lawmakers—with the backing of the corporate-backed right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)—are readying another push to ram through a so-called right to work bill. But there are two pieces of good news for Hoosier working families.

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Stand with Sugar Workers!

This is a cross-post  by AFL-CIO Community Services Director Will Fisher.

For generations, the sugar beet industry has been the lifeblood of northwest Minnesota’s Red River Valley.

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Symposium: Building Bridges to Labor’s Community Allies

Marvin Bing, a member of the AFL-CIO Special Committee on Labor-Community Partnerships, sends us this report on a meeting of AFL-CIO constituency groups in Phoenix.

AFL-CIO constituency groups kicked off the “We Are One Moving America Forward” symposium late last week with a series of great speeches by William Lucy, Ben Jealous, George Gresham, Danny Ortega and Judith Browne-Dianis. A resounding theme: “We can’t let the 1 percent trick us into believing we are different—We are the 99 percent, we are one and if we don’t work together on issues that bring us together, we will fall together.” We are the people who fight for working families, we are the people who fight to protect our students, children, seniors and families. We are the labor movement and together with the community we are unbeatable.

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Calpine Workers Petition for Union Election; Documents Delivered to NLRB in San Francisco

This is a cross-post from Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1245.

Five Calpine employees delivered authorization cards to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in San Francisco on Dec. 1, the latest step in a campaign to gain union representation for workers at Calpine’s power plants in Northern California.

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NLRB Takes Step Toward Reducing ‘Delays and Unnecessary Litigation’ for Workers

Great news: Today, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) voted 2-to-1 to draft a rule that will address the “delays and unnecessary litigation in the pre-election process” that make it all too easy for employers to use delaying and intimidation tactics against workers who want to vote for a union.

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