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AFL-CIO Motion Seeks Lost Wages for Undocumented Workers

The AFL-CIO, together with the National Immigration Law Center, filed a motion this week with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to reconsider its recent decision in the Mezonos Maven Bakery case.

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Top Union Leaders Call for Hershey to Rectify Abuses of Foreign Students

Three top union leaders are calling for a meeting with the senior management of the Hershey Co. to discuss the demands by a group of foreign students who staged a sit-in last month  at the company’s Palmyra, Pa., plant.

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Report: Textbooks Ignore Union Contributions

Most American children never receive any education about the union movement’s proper place in our country’s history and its many contributions to the nation’s development, according to a new report.

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Pickets, not Picnics, for San Francisco Labor Day

Steve Stallone is president of the International Labor Communications Association  (ILCA)  and  secretary/editor of the Pacific Media Workers Guild.

Labor Day in San Francisco would not be complete without a large community picket at UNITEHERE! Local 2’s latest target. Tourism is the city’s biggest industry and the country’s largest hotel chains seemingly can’t resist providing the labor movement with a villain all can despise.

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Obama: A Voice on the Job Is Everyone’s Right

President Obama spent Labor Day in Detroit speaking with working families in an event sponsored by the Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and other top union leaders joined Obama, who asserted his strong support for workers’ freedom to seek a voice at work through a union.

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Shout Out to Public Workers in Presidential Proclamation

Some good stuff in the Presidential Proclamation on Labor Day issued by President Obama today.

The right to organize and collectively bargain is a fundamental American value. Since its beginnings in our country, organized labor has raised our living standards and built our middle class. It is the reason we have a minimum wage, weekends away from work to rest and spend time with family, and basic protections in our workplaces….The principles upheld by the honorable laborers of generations past and their unions continue to fuel the growth of our economy and a strong middle class.

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Workers’ Blog: Independent Voice for Blood Safety at Red Cross

Concerned about the safety of the nation’s supply, a group of blood donation workers has formed the Workers Committee for Blood Safety. The licensed nurses, phlebotomists, and blood drive staff from across the country also launched a website and blog to provide an independent voice for protecting donor and blood safety.

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Documentary Spotlights Abuses in Carwash Industry

A just-released mini-documentary, “The New American Sweatshop,” shines a glaring light on the inhumane and illegal conditions Los Angeles carwash workers are forced to endure.

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Religious Leaders Call for Jobs, Decent Wages on Labor Day

With the economy in crisis, many of the nation’s  religious leaders are speaking out in favor of economic policies that create jobs and spur economic growth. Decent jobs at decent wages are the best path out of poverty and restoring growth is a powerful way to reduce deficits, they say.

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AT&T Vows to Return 5,000 Jobs to U.S., but Dept. of Justice Action Threatens Jobs

If AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile is approved, AT&T will bring 5,000 wireless jobs now performed offshore back to the United States, the company announced this week. AT&T also promised the merger will not result in any job losses for current call center workers at AT&T Mobility or T-Mobile USA.

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