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UAW Members Ratify Pact with Oshkosh—and More Bargaining News

UAW members in Wisconsin ratify a new contract with Oshkosh Corp., and more news from the “Bargaining Digest Weekly.” The AFL-CIO Collective Bargaining Department delivers daily, bargaining-related news and research resources to more than 1,400 subscribers. Union leaders can register for this service through our website, Bargaining@Work.

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Ship Pilots, Machinists, Deputy Sheriffs, Bakers and Communication Techs Join AFL-CIO Unions

The 250 members of the Panama Canal Pilots Union recently voted to affiliate with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU).  The pilots guide the ships that transit the historic canal.

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Boston Unions Join Occupy Boston Actions

Rosa Blumenfeld, an organizer with the Greater Boston Labor Council (GBLC), sends us this report on Occupy Boston actions. More than 300 union members and protesters at Occupy Boston joined forces on Oct. 13 to demand good jobs and protest the abuses of Wall Street.

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Ohio Great-Grandmother Demands Apology for Pirated Video

Marlene Quinn wants an apology. The fiery, pro-worker Ohio great-grandmother had her image and words hijacked then doctored by the extremist groups who are fighting a citizen veto of a new law that eliminates the collective bargaining rights of 350,000 public employees.

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Report: U.S. Aviation System Safest in the World

National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) President Paul Rinaldi says “the most important piece” of a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) study on aviation safety is this: “The [Federal Aviation Administration] FAA has taken several steps to further improve safety at and around airports.”

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Cornell Study Shows Partnerships Between Employers, Labor and Community Groups Work

A new study suggests one path to helping people struggling in today’s economy find their way into the middle class, via Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) for large-scale construction projects. Among the most successful PLAs, the Cornell University study found, are those that incorporate Community Workforce Agreements born of partnerships between community organizations, unions and employers. Community workforce provisions require the hiring of local residents on construction projects, and often target specific populations, including low-income people, women and veterans.

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Teach-In Highlights Power of Students and Workers Joining Forces

Speaking at tonight’s AFL-CIO National Teach-In on jobs and the economy, Terasia Bradford summed up the sense of the audience and the nation when she said, “The attacks on workers and the attacks on the middle class affect us all.”

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Celebrating Latino Heritage Month

Brenda Loya in AFL-CIO Media Affairs sends us this report.

As a Latina working at the AFL-CIO, I take particular interest in the impact Latinos have had on our nation and on our union movement. I am honored to join my colleagues, labor and community leaders today to celebrate the contributions of Latino working families in the United States.

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Study Finds Traditional Pension More Cost Effective for States and Workers

A new study finds that defined-benefit pension plans are not only preferred by state employees, but  more cost efficient for state governments than defined-contribution plans like 401(k)s.

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Study Finds Project Labor Agreements Open Doors to Middle Class Jobs

Project labor agreements offer a pathway to the middle class by providing job opportunities to low-income communities, minorities, veterans and others, according to a new study by Cornell University’s Industrial and Labor Relations School (ILR).

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