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Pomona Students Can’t Speak with Food Workers—They Might Join a Union

If you’re a student at Pomona College in Claremont, Calif., you’d best not speak with a campus food service worker who’s on break, unless you do so in a management-authorized area.

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Trumka Joins Working Ohioans to Get Out the Vote Against Issue 2

Deborah Dion with the Ohio AFL-CIO field program sends us this.

Speaking at a Cleveland rally on the eve of Nov. 8, Election Day, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka brought down the house yesterday when he spoke passionately about why we must join together and beat back Issue 2/ S.B. 5. More than 500 union volunteers from 30 different local unions as well as community activists and Columbia University students from New York City rose to their feet repeatedly cheering before hitting the doors to canvass city neighborhoods  to spread the message about voting “No” vote on Issue 2/S.B. 5.

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Lead a Cheer for Your Team and Unions

Whether it’s in front of the big screen TV in the living room, at your favorite sports bar or at a stadium tailgate, a lot of us this time of the year get together for football. If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely you have a pretty good grasp of what unions do and how they help out working families. But as our friends at American Rights at Work (ARAW) point out, “It’s likely not everyone in the crowd will be a die-hard union fan.”

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Republicans: No Time for Jobs, Attacks on Workers Come First

In 2011 alone, anti-worker legislators in Congress have launched nearly 50 attacks on the National Labor Relations Board and the nation’s labor law—the National Labor Relations Act—according to a new report from American Rights at Work (ARAW).

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House Resolution Honors Unions’ Role in Building Middle Class

The nation’s labor unions play a vital role in “ensuring a strong middle class,” says a resolution honoring the labor movement, introduced in the House this week by Rep. Donald Payne (D-N.J.).

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CWA Joins with Occupy Activists to Protest Corporate Greed at Verizon

Chanting, “We are the 99 percent; you are the 99 percent,” Verizon workers represented by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) yesterday marched through downtown Washington, D.C., joining with activists from the Occupy movement. Some protesters carried signs that read, “Occupy Verizon.”

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As S.B. 5/Issue 2 Vote Nears, Right-Wing Money Pours Into Ohio

Right-wing dollars are showering Ohio’s airwaves and the coffers of anti-labor politicians as Election Day nears for a Nov. 8 referendum on Senate Bill 5/Issue 2. Voting “No” on Issue 2 will revoke S.B. 5, the anti-worker bill supported by Gov. John Kasich and passed by the state legislature earlier this year that effectively eliminates collective bargaining for public employees.

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‘Recall Walker’ Drive Faces Sneak Attack from Wisconsin Republicans

The drive to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) gets officially under way Nov. 15, when the United Wisconsin coalition will file papers with Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board to begin the recall effort. But Republicans last week launched a sneak attack to derail the effort.

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2012 Labor Books Catalog Now Available

The just-released 2012 edition of the UCS Labor Books Catalog provides a well-stocked toolbox of books, pamphlets and more, offering scores of classic and new titles on topics ranging from negotiating and grievance handling to organizing, health and safety, labor law and labor history.  It includes many worker-friendly fiction and young adult and children’s books as well.

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Ohio Union Volunteers Turning Up the Heat on Issue 2

AFL-CIO Field Communications Coordinator Andrew Richards files this report on the fight in Ohio to defeat Issue 2.

From small towns like Portsmouth on the banks of the Ohio River in the south to big cities like Cleveland bordering Lake Michigan in the north and all around the Buckeye State, union members are hitting the doors and the phone banks to make sure working families cast a “No” vote on Issue 2 Nov. 8.

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