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Republicans Push NLRB Attack Bill Through House

House Republicans today continued their attack on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) when they passed (238-186) a bill that would cripple the agency and allow employers to retaliate against workers who exercise their workplace rights. Under the bill, employers would even be able to legally eliminate workers’ jobs. The bill is not expected to be brought up for a Senate vote.

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Study: U.S. Has Weakest Labor Protections Among Rich Nations

A new international comparison makes it clear just how weak  protections are for working people in the United States. University of Missouri-St. Louis associate professor Kenneth Thomas reviewed numbers from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and found that in 21 categories,

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Estelle Carol Wins UCS Poster Contest

Update: You can now buy this award-winning poster (at left). The full-color, 13” x 19” poster (union-printed on union-made paper, of course) is suitable for framing .  It is available for $15 through the UCS Labor Books “Bookstore” page at

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Georgetown University Workers, Students Build a Union and Community

Seth Newton Patel at the Kalmanovitz initiative for Labor and the Working Poor sends us this report on the organization’s first in a series of Kalmanovitz Initiative events exploring the state and future of collective bargaining, the Collective Bargaining Project.

Georgetown University Aramark workers, students and faculty joined in a panel this week to describe their successful campaign to organize a union of Aramark food service workers with UNITEHERE. Two workers from the union organizing committee, two student activists and Georgetown History professor Michael Kazin (who wrote a piece on the campaign in The New Republic) spoke on a panel moderated by the Kalmanovitz Initiative’s Executive Director Joseph McCartin.

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Organizing 2.0 Offers Free Communications, Organizing Consultations

Throughout September, Organizing 2.0, the online collective of communicators and online organizers working for unions and social justice activists, is offering expert-level pro-bono (free) consultant services on a wide range of communications, technology and organizing issues.

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Republicans Drop Anti-Worker Demands in FAA Fight—For Now

House Republicans backed off their demand—at least temporarily—to end democratic union election rights for aviation and rail workers and voted yesterday to extend funding for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through January.

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Professors Say GOP Bill to Cripple NLRB ‘Unprecedented’ Assault

House Republicans are pushing a bill to cripple the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) because the agency filed a routine complaint against Boeing. Now, some 250 university law and labor policy professors warn that if a bill (H.R. 2587) becomes law,

employers will be able to eliminate jobs or transfer employees or work for no purpose other than to punish employees for exercising their rights and the Board will be powerless to direct the employer to return the work regardless of the circumstances.

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Live Tweet Chat Explores Benefits of Union Membership for Women

UNITEHERE! and Fem2.0 will hold a Tweet chat (#unionwomen) Wednesday from 2 p.m.–3 p.m. EDT to talk about the unique role women play in the union movement and the benefits of union membership for women.

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Republican NLRB Bill Guts Workers’ Rights, Shields Boeing, Other Corporations

House Republicans have turned a routine complaint by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against Boeing into a “political and ideological circus,” says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

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‘Brothers on the Line’ Portrays Visionary Reuther Brothers

Producers expect to wrap up production  next month for the movie “Brothers on the Line,” a provocative documentary exploring the lives of the Reuther brothers—Walter, Roy and Victor. Their vision and strong commitment to civil rights and workers’ rights led a generation of workers into a struggle for economic and social justice.

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