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JetBlue Pilots Vote to Take Off with ALPA

Photo by Capt. Ian Duncan

The more than 2,600 pilots at JetBlue Airways have voted overwhelmingly to join the Air Line Pilots (ALPA), the National Mediation Board announced today.

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UConn Students Lead the Way on Collective Action

photo courtesy Joedell Russo

From the classroom to the basketball court, the University of Connecticut community is widely embracing the concept of collective action. The school that set the standard for basketball excellence this year by winning both the men's and the women's national championships is making news as the college's students are stepping up and acting collectively to improve their lives.

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Sara Ziff: America’s Next Top Role Model

Sara Ziff: America’s Next Top Role Model

In the latest feature on the AFL-CIO’s Our Values @Work site, Ashley Lewis speaks with Sara Ziff, the founder of the Model Alliance that is bringing about dramatic change for models and other workers in the fashion industry. As a 14-year-old model barely out of middle school, Ziff found that sexual harassment and fighting for wages owed to her were all too common.

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AFL-CIO Stands with NFL Cheerleader and Oakland Raiderette Lacy T.

By Stasiland/Flickr

Cheerleading for professional sports is more than sporting sparkly midriff-baring tops, white cowboy boots and zipping off to calendar's a job. And it's demanding. 

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Workers’ Actions Bring Change to Walmart

Workers’ Actions Bring Change to Walmart

When workers at Walmart began mobilizing to make changes at the world’s biggest employer—one with the deserved reputation of disrespecting its workers and slapping down any attempt by workers to influence workplace policies—most folks’ initial reaction was “well, good luck with that.”

But it wasn’t good luck that brought about some recent workplace changes at Walmart. 

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Young People Understand Unions Can Solve Problems

Image via Working America

The National Labor Relations Board’s Chicago regional director issued a notable finding last week: Football players at Northwestern University are employees of the university for purposes of federal labor law. The legal finding, however, is the result of something even more striking. The overwhelming majority of the talented young men who have been awarded scholarships to play on the Northwestern football team expressed their desire to be represented by a union. And they turned to the College Athletes Players Association to file a petition with the NLRB asking for an election to bargain collectively with the university. 

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Introducing Anti-Unionol!

From the makers of Wage-B-Gon and Retire-Not, this new anti-worker suppository reduces economic equality and the middle class. Find out if it's right for you. Click here to learn more about Anti-Unionol.

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NLRB Charges Kellogg with Unlawful Conduct in Memphis Lockout

The National Labor Relations Board issued a complaint Thursday against the Kellogg Co., charging the cereal maker with violating federal labor law in its more than five-month lockout of 22 workers at its Memphis, Tenn., plant. 

Take action to support the Kellogg's workers.

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NLRB Calls the Right Play: Northwestern Players Have the Right to Form a Union

Image via Working America

Northwestern University football players today won the right to form a union after National Labor Relations Board Chicago Regional Director Peter Sung Ohr ruled the players “all squarely fall within the [National Labor Relations] Act's broad definition of 'employee' when one considers the common law definition of 'employee.'"

Northwestern University has indicated it will appeal the decision.

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Hey, Walmart, Isn't It Time for a Raise?

Image via American Rights at Work

Richard Wilson, a Walmart worker and OUR Walmart member from Chicago, sent the following email to working families' supporters yesterday:

I’m 27 years old, I’m trying to finish my college degree and I work at Walmart.

Sign the petition to tell Walmart it’s time to give workers like me a raise to a minimum of $25,000 a year.

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