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National Apprenticeship Week Story: Organizing Institute Alum and Workers Bring “Cooperative” Back to Food Front Co-op

Food Front Cooperative Grocery workers with Joyce Sinakhone, UFCW organizer and Organizing Institute alum on the right.

Food Front Co-op, a neighborhood grocery store in Portland, Ore., aims to connect the community with producers of regionally grown fresh food. With more than 10,000 member-owners, democratic governance is a stated foundational value of the co-op. For a while, it was a value the workers enjoyed too. 

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SAG-AFTRA: Hiring Skilled, Professional Performers is a Smart Investment

SAG-AFTRA: Hiring Skilled, Professional Performers is a Smart Investment

You see them every time you open your Instagram or Twitter account or click on a video on YouTube: digital ads designed to grab your attention (and sell you a product). They’re also in your Facebook news feed, shared by friends who might write “Must watch—hilarious!” These days, advertisers know consumers are spending more time on their smartphones and computers, so they’re producing some of their most creative, entertaining and sharable work specifically for those platforms. A new wave of digital agencies is among those changing the way we watch ads with innovative work that connects with consumers.

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When You Have to Remind Your Boss That You're a Human, Something Has to Change

Lafondra Brown wasn't a licensed welder, but her boss told her if she didn't finish up a welding job, she would be out of work. So Lafondra finished the project with no safety gear. Hours later, she was in the hospital, her eyes the size of golf balls. 

On top of a dangerous work environment, Lafondra dealt with sexual harassment, assault and racism in her construction job, where she was the only woman.

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Al Jazeera America Journalists Latest Digital Newsroom to Organize

Al Jazeera America Journalists Latest Digital Newsroom to Organize

This week, an overwhelming majority of digital journalists working for Al Jazeera America (AJAM) voted to be represented by the The NewsGuild of New York, Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 31003. AJAM joins a growing number of digital outlets that have recently organized, including The Guardian U.S.GawkerVice and Salon, This was the first of these organizing drives where management forced a government-supervised election, while other outlets have voluntarily recognized union organizing efforts. AJAM management initially challenged the voting eligibility of nine senior journalists, claiming they were supervisors. But a few hours after the ballots were counted and the lopsided outcome was announced, management dropped its objections and agreed they were part of the new bargaining unit.

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Help Toledo's Homies Train the Next Generation of FLOC Leaders

In Toledo, Ohio, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee runs the FLOC Homies program to train the city's Latino youth on how to overcome barriers to success. Young people are trained and taught how to form their collective voice, so they can start making positive changes for Latinos citywide. They are taught to utilize the strength of their numbers to mobilize community solidarity, and the program is most successful when the participants find good, unsubsidized jobs.

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Sen. Sanders and Rep. Pocan Continue Washington-Led Fight for Workers' Rights

Photo via the California Labor Federation

Working people across the country are making significant gains by speaking out for a better life, and Washington’s leaders are starting to listen.

Today, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) will unveil legislation that represents a leap forward for working people in their fight to have a greater voice in the workplace: the Workplace Democracy Act.

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Introducing the Seven Principles of Collective Action

Across the country, working people have spoken out in favor of better wages and fair treatment—and Wednesday’s White House Summit on Worker Voice is a positive step in the raising wages agenda.

The actions that drove us to this point were based on Seven Principles. These principles are universal and enjoy the support of anyone who supports collective action. 

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The Digital Domino Effect: Young Working People Continue to Organize in New Media

Alice Ollstein with her co-worker Dylan Petrohilos of Think Progress

Young working people organizing on the job will be a hot topic at the first ever, White House Summit on Worker Voice. To shed some light on the latest in a series of digital worker wins, I had a one on one with Alice Ollstein of Think Progress. Alice is a political reporter at Think Progress and has been writing for newspapers since her tween-years. She has always wanted to be a journalist, but today she sits on the other side, sharing her story on why she is a “union yes.” 

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