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Happy Anniversary, ‘Corporations Are People, Too’

Photo courtesy DaveLawrence8 on Flickr

Four years ago today, then-Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney delivered one of the most iconic and self-destructive campaign one-liners in modern political history: “Corporations are people, too, my friend.” 

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The Stories Behind Flight Attendants' Organizing Efforts at JetBlue

Flight attendants at JetBlue Airlines are organizing for a vote to be represented by the Transport Workers (TWU) and in the latest video from the union, we hear the compelling stories of the flight attendants and why they are organizing. To read more about the campaign, visit the organizing site for the flight attendants.

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Guardian U.S. Writers Vote to Join The NewsGuild-CWA

Last week, writers and staff members of the Guardian's U.S. office voted unanimously to join The NewsGuild-CWA. Recent weeks have seen a flurry in successful organizing activity at digital media outlets, with Salon and Gawker also having similar votes.

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Salon Recognizes Editorial Staff Move to Join Writers Guild of America, East

Editorial staff at, the progressive digital media news company, voted unanimously to unionize, and Salon's management has agreed to recognize the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE), as the collective bargaining representative for those staffers. Workers voted to unionize last month, and negotiations for the first collective bargaining agreement for Salon's editorial staff is expected to begin promptly, according to WGAE. 

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Spotlight on AFL-CIO Union Summer: Meet Las Mujeres Latinas of Team LA

   Team LA in solidarity with El Super workers! Gloria Juarez, Vanessa Gonzalez, Sharon Velasquez, Valerie Gomez

Summer’s peaked and her scorching heat has made us air-conditioned office-goers slow, but there is a group of interns who have been on their feet and on the front lines all summer long.

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Hard Rock Band L.A. Guns Supports 'Fair Play Fair Pay' Act

Photo courtesy GoonSquadSarah on Flickr

L.A. Guns, an influential hard rock/glam metal band, best known for hits like "The Ballad of Jayne" and "It's Over Now," has issued a statement in support of the Fair Play Fair Pay Act of 2015 and are headlining a gig in Los Angeles today in support of the legislation. The act would correct a glaring error in the way musicians are compensated for their work. As hard as it is to believe, artists are not paid when radio stations air their recordings in the United States, which makes us one of only five countries that allow this, along with China, Iran, North Korea and Rwanda.

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Worker Wins Update: From Coast to Coast, Workers Winning on Raising Wages Agenda

Photo courtesy John Kiddelsrud

Workers across the country have stood up in the past month to fight for better wages and working conditions.

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Montgomery County Taxi Drivers Push for Massive Reforms

Photo courtesy Daniel Horacio Agostini on Flickr

Everyone is talking about the “gig economy.” From Hillary Clinton to Jeb Bush, companies like Uber and their impact on the economy are on the minds of every reporter and a lot of workers these days. Today, taxi drivers in Montgomery County, Md.—working with the National Taxi Workers Alliance (NTWA)—helped pass a sweeping set of reforms to the taxi industry that have the potential to shift this conversation yet again. This victory will help level the playing field and put power back into the hands of workers. It also presents an alternative vision for how taxi drivers and workers in general can take the lead in the new and changing economy rather than letting corporate behemoths like Uber set the agenda.

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Worker Wins Update: From Podiatry to Peanuts, Workers Win Big in July

Worker Wins Update: From Podiatry to Peanuts, Workers Win Big in July

Workers across the country have stood up in the past month to fight for better wages and working conditions.

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School’s Out but Teachers Are Organizing in Allegheny County

Adjuncts Luke Niebler, Jennie Snyder and Gene Marsh outside the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board hearing room after the final vote count

For teachers, summer is typically sloooooooow, a much-needed break after wearing the multiple hats of social worker, soccer coach and career counselor all year long. Not so for adjuncts, who take off their hats and grab their aprons. Luke Niebler, an adjunct from the English department at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) in Pennsylvania, said, “Summers are rough. I have an interview at Whole Foods to help make ends meet.” Adjuncts get no guarantee of summer employment and scramble when their classes get canceled last minute. Hence many turn to the service sector to supplement their meager incomes and lack of job security, which is like having to shoot yourself in the foot...twice.

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