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Your Inspiration for Today: 11-Year-Old Asean Johnson

You may have seen a video of him before, but if 11-year-old Asean Johnson can stand up to Rahm Emanuel and school "reformers" like he does in this video from the AFT convention, you can stand up and fight the important battles in your community.

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166 years After Seneca Falls, Working Women Live the Legacy of Collective Action

166 years After Seneca Falls, Working Women Live the Legacy of Collective Action

This weekend marks the 166th anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention—the first women’s rights conference in the United States. Those women came together and launched a movement centered on equality and justice that, through struggle and collective action over the decades, achieved remarkable success.

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FLOC Organizer Punched: Tell Tobacco Firms to Curb Violence

FLOC photo

Last week on a North Carolina tobacco farm, Oscar Sanchez, a Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) organizer and “Respect, Recognition, Raise” campaign leader, was punched in the face by a representative of the Growers Association during an outdoor meeting with workers.

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What’s Up with the New Southwest?

The 9,000 ground workers at Southwest Airlines—members of Transport Workers (TWULocal 555—have been working without a contract for three years. They report negotiations have made little progress on reaching an agreement. In this new video from TWU—"Profits Before People: The New Southwest Airlines"—workers talk about the change in culture at Southwest, the company’s take-back demands and what they hope to see in the new contract.

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Saunders: AFSCME Adds 92,155 New Members in 2014

Photo courtesy AFSCME

In January, AFSCME committed to helping 50,000 people join the union with a “50,000 Stronger” campaign. AFSCME President Lee Saunders announced on the first day of the organization's international convention that the union has nearly doubled that goal, with more than 90,000 workers choosing AFSCME so far in 2014. More than 20,000 of the new members are home care workers, who were recently the target of the troubling Supreme Court ruling in Harris v. Quinn.

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Taylor Branch: College Athletes' Unpaid Labor Is Un-American

Speaking to the American Enterprise Institute, author and civil rights historian Taylor Branch tackled the concept of the unpaid labor that college athletes engage in while large profits are made off of their labor.  

Read more why college athletes need a union voice

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Auto Workers to Form Chattanooga Local

UAW members didn't give up after a vote to unionize at Volkswagen's plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., barely missed passage in February. They continued to move forward, and the union announced Thursday that it had reached a consensus with VW and will form Local 42 for workers at the Chattanooga plant. While no formal agreement has been reached, UAW officials say they expect the automaker to recognize the union once enough of the plant's employees have signed up, although no specific threshold was announced.

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Union, Yes: Writer-Producers at Reality TV Production Company that Makes 'Swamp People' Vote to Join Writers Guild of America, East

Writers-Producers testify at New York City hearing about poor working conditions in the reality TV industry.

A majority of writer-producers at the New York-based nonfiction (reality) TV production company Original Media voted overwhelmingly to join the Writers Guild of America, East, (WGAE) in an election held by the National Labor Relations Board. The vote was 42 to 9.

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When Workers Come Together, We Win: Working Families Victory Roundup

Letter Carrier Michael Shea from Georgia. Photos via Letter Carriers, NALC.

Working people scored major victories over the past several months, organizing new workplaces and winning fights to raise wages.

Check out some highlights of recent working families victories after the jump. 

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Musicians Call on Lionsgate to Stop Taking Taxpayer Dollars to Score Movies Overseas

Photo courtesy the Conmunity on Flickr

Members of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) are speaking out against movie studios that accept tax credits to film in the United States, then create the scores for those films overseas. Lionsgate, for instance, had revenue last year of $2.7 billion, millions of which came from tax credits—yet it paid musicians less money in Macedonia to score such films as the recent Kevin Costner film "Draft Day." AFM says its members’ total earnings from scoring movies have fallen by half since 2007.

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