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Postal Workers and Postal Service Open Talks

The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) and the U.S. Postal Service began negotiations Thursday over a new contract, the first time the two have bargained in four and a half [KRC1] years. Heading into the negotiations, the USPS has a new postmaster general, Megan Brennan. Postal workers are calling not only for fair wages and benefits, but for longer and more convenient hours for customers. APWU has also endorsed a series of bold improvements, including postal banking, public notary services and the sale of licenses.

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Refinery Blast Exemplifies Striking Oil Workers Safety Concerns

An explosion at an ExxonMobil refineryin Torrance, Calif., earlier this week that injured four workers and shook homes for miles around was a chilling reinforcement of the safety concerns that striking oil workers have stressed, as the above video from the United Steelworkers (USW) shows.


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Fairpoint Workers to Vote on Tentative Agreement

Photo via Fairness@FairPoint

After a 17-week strike that began in October, unions representing workers at FairPoint Communications have reached a tentative agreement with the company to go back to work. Following six weeks of federally mediated negotiations, the two sides agreed on a deal that members of the Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) will vote on starting today. Member briefings will be held before the votes. If the deal is approved, workers will return to their jobs on Wednesday

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Brooklyn Cablevision Workers Ratify Contract with 'Significant' Pay Increases

Photo courtesy of CableVision99's Facebook page

Cablevision workers in Brooklyn, N.Y., have voted to ratify their first contract. Included in the agreement are significant wage increases and more job security. More than 260 employees are part of the new contract and are the only Cablevision employees who are unionized.

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NorCal IBEW Local’s Organizing Stewards Set for Big Year

IBEW Local 1245 photo

At Northern California’s large Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1245, three dozen new “organizing stewards” in the class of 2015 have big plans for the coming year, says Eric Sunderland. Without a major election on the calendar, he says:

We should be able to do some serious movement-building this year.

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Ohio Nurse Who Spoke Out for Rights Wins Defamation Verdict Against Hospital

NNU photo

Ann Wayt, a 38-year veteran registered nurse with a “spotless record” who was illegally fired and then defamed in retaliation for her outspoken patient advocacy and support for her union, was awarded more than $2 million in damages in a defamation suit against the hospital—one of the most notorious anti-union hospital chains in the country, according to the National Nurses United (NNU).

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Union Autoworkers See Higher Wages as Industry Rebounds

Photo courtesy of Ford

While the country is having a national conversation around raising wages for workers who have seen their wages stagnate or fall, union workers are actually taking concrete action to put money in the pockets of working families. Some 300 to 500 workers at Ford Motor plants will see their pay increase by $9 an hour, thanks to hard-fought provisions won in the collective bargaining process.

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USW Oil Strike Grows, Sign Petition for Safe Refineries

Photo via USW's facebook page

United Steelworkers (USW) members at BP refineries in Whiting, Ind., and Toledo, Ohio, joined the union’s unfair labor practice strike Sunday against the oil industry. The strike began Feb. 1, after the companies failed to address serious concerns regarding the health and safety of workers and their communities, according to the USW.

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Talk Shop and Dream Big at the National Organizers Workshop: Registration Deadline Is Monday, Feb. 9

Talk Shop and Dream Big at the National Organizers Workshop: Registration Deadline Is Monday, Feb. 9

Four hundred of the best organizers in the country will gather in Washington, D.C., next month to talk shop and dream big at the National Organizers Workshop. If you’re working for economic justice and passionate about organizing, there’s still time to sign up; online registration closes Monday, Feb. 9.

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If Walmart’s Anti-Retaliation Policy Is True, Tell Walmart to Discipline Managers Who Target Workers for Speaking Out

If Walmart’s Anti-Retaliation Policy Is True, Tell Walmart to Discipline Managers Who Target Workers for Speaking Out

Our Walmart members launched a campaign Wednesday calling on Walmart to uphold its publicly stated anti-retaliation policy against workers who speak out for change, better pay and full-time hours. Our Walmart says that many Walmart managers have been illegally spying on, disciplining and even firing workers who spoke out during demonstrations and Black Friday protests and strikes.

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