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Working America Connecting Work, Unions and Communities

Working America Connecting Work, Unions and Communities

While many know of the AFL-CIO's community affiliate Working America as a high-level field operation that wins on issues and in elections, it has evolved into much more. Employing new tools and strategies, Working America is working with dozens of unions and progressive allies to strengthen ties between communities and local labor to build progressive infrastructure for the long haul. We’re in it to win it. Below are some examples.

  • In New Orleans and Vermont, Working America is teaching teachers how to go door to door to sign up Working America members interested in the issue of education to build strong community support for local teachers.
  • In Montana, Massachusetts and Texas, Working America is collaborating with central labor council leaders to train union and volunteer activists to build their power locally by recruiting friends and neighbors into Working America.
  • In Portland, Ore., Working America is partnering with the immigrant rights organization Causa for a May Day celebration for working families and signing up new members.
    • During door-to-door conversations in North Carolina, Colorado, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Working America is facilitating voter registration—using iPads to let people know if they aren’t registered or their information is outdated and offering registration applications and instructions, if needed.
  • In Maine, New Hampshire, Minnesota and more, Working America is generating thousands of hand-written letters and personal phone calls from working families to legislators and media to defeat "right to work" for less and other anti-worker initiatives.
  • Working America is helping a dozen different unions build community and workplace support during certification efforts and contract fights. We do this by providing an organizational home for pro-union workers who don’t have a union on the job…yet.
  • Workers who want to join the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) who haven’t won an election at their workplace can now join the Food and Tobacco Workers Committee within Working America and stay connected to the labor movement.
  • On college campuses in Atlanta, Austin, San Antonio and New Orleans, including Spelman, Morehouse, Texas State and Xavier, we are recruiting students, young workers and organizers to work for the labor movement.
  • When Minnesota lawmakers proposed a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, Working America organizers began going door to door in working class neighborhoods, talking about the need to focus on jobs rather than social wedge issues—inoculating people otherwise vulnerable to divisive, right-wing messages.
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