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No Loot for 'Right to Work' Thief in the Night

Just as a burglar prefers the dark of night and avoids well-lighted homes, Minnesota state Rep. Mark Buesgens (R) tried to skulk through the 2 a.m. dark of night last week to revive a so-called right to work bill that has been stalled after a massive outcry from working families and their allies.

After Minnesota Public TV signed off coverage of the state legislature for the day, Buesgens made a motion during the House's late-night session to move the anti-worker bill from the committee in which it is stalled to a more favorable panel.

The dead-of-the-night maneuver didn’t work because another legislator offered a motion that was approved 118-9 to table Buesgens’ measure. Click here for a video of the proceeding.

That overwhelming vote shows the lasting impact of the mobilization against the "right to work" for less bill, especially with elections looming. Writes the blog, The Uptake:

While Republicans have been vocal in their support for the anti-union constitutional amendment, it appears they are shying away from taking a vote on it since they fear what it could mean for them in this fall’s election.

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