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Missouri Residents: Take Action to Stop Paycheck Deception Bill

Photo courtesy: We Are Missouri

Despite testimony overwhelmingly opposing the bill and universal opposition from the committee's Democrats, the Missouri legislature's House Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee passed S.B. 29, a paycheck deception bill, which is now headed to the House floor. Missouri working families went door to door last week to tell their neighbors about the problems with the bill, held numerous public rallies in opposition and flooded the Capitol with thousands of emails, letters and phone calls telling legislators to oppose the bill, which shut state workers out of the political conversation in Missouri.

We Are Missouri reports:

'This bill is all politics,' said Mike Louis, Missouri AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer. 'Not one Missouri worker has testified in favor of S.B. 29, and that’s because this bill has nothing to do with helping working people. Public workers in this state have faced an uphill fight for collective bargaining rights and are 50th in the nation in pay. It is shameful that instead of correcting the very real problems faced by the workers who care for our veterans, teach and protect children at risk from abuse and neglect, and serve so many other critical roles—politicians chose to again reward special interests on the backs of our everyday heroes.'

Out-of-state interests have pushed hard for the bill to pass, which doesn't sit right with autoworker Stan Stevenson:

We vote for legislators and expect them to work for us, not CEOs and special interest groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council and Americans for Prosperity. I know they can do better—yesterday, the House voted to pass a Bring Jobs Home bill that would reward companies for bringing good jobs back to Missouri. S.B. 29 does the opposite—it is payback for the same corporations that have been shipping our jobs overseas and dodging their taxes.

We Are Missouri is asking state residents to call their state representatives and tell them to reject the paycheck deception bill at 1-888-907-9711.

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