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Flip-Flops and Flapjacks Greet Snyder as Michigan 'Right to Work' for Less Law Takes Effect

We Are Michigan photo

Last year, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) pulled a classic political flip-flop when he proclaimed that "right to work" for less legislation wasn’t on his agenda. But late last year, he spearheaded the drive to ram the anti-work bill through a lame-duck legislative session that shut out the public.

This morning, as the law went into effect, nearly 100 Michigan union and community activists demonstrated outside the Detroit Athletic Club where Snyder was the main speaker at its annual "Pancakes & Politics” breakfast, in an action organized by the coalition We Are Michigan.

Snyder—actually a protester sporting a massive papier-mâché Snyder head—with a “let-'em-eat-pancakes" attitude was there, too. Said Hamtramck UAW member Percy Johnson:

Pancakes are a great metaphor for the governor’s flippant attitude towards Michigan working families. 'Right to work' wasn’t on Snyder’s agenda, and then like the turn of a spatula, it was. Working families are sick of what he’s serving up.

In a statement We Are Michigan said the Pancakes, Politics and Protest rally was only one of more than a dozen rallies against "right to work" for less around the state, in which “thousands of people will participate, using a multitude of voices to send a singular message: 'Right to work' is temporary. Solidarity is forever.”

Visit the group’s Facebook page for more photos.

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