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Election Protection Alert: Mid-Day Report

Election Protection Alert: Mid-Day Report

Here's a round-up of reports of election problems and voter intimidation from around the country.


•Polling place problems: At Immokalee Community Center precinct in Collier County, the computerized poll book was out of order all morning, leading to long lines; poll workers also were giving out misinformation.

•Voter intimidation: At the Seacrest Presbyterian Church precinct in Delray Beach, a male in an orange vest was walking down the line of waiting voters aggressively telling voters not to vote without the proper identification before officials stopped him.

•Polling place problems: In Broward County, a voter was told a student ID needed an expiration date on it to be valid; otherwise they would have to vote a provisional ballot. BUT, that is not true under state law—student IDs do not need an expiration date.


•Polling place problems: At the Pastor Elementary precinct in Detroit, equipment was reported as not recording a vote properly.

•Polling place problems: A voter at precinct 48025 in Detroit was turned away because the address was out of date.

•Polling place problems: Precinct 48228 in Detroit was closed when it was supposed to be open. A volunteer called the elections office.


•Polling place problems: At Washoe County Precinct 4028, the road that leads to polling building (Silverlake Road) from the West was blocked with a gate and padlock; poll workers are also telling voters that they can’t have Obama or campaign-related T-shirts near polling locations.


•Polling place problems: At the Phillips Temple Church precinct in Toledo, voters complained about a machine not working and lack of machines; the building also was opened late. A Board of Elections official was dispatched.

•Polling place problems: In Cleveland and Lucas counties, voters where using ballot boxes because of broken machines.


•Voter fraud: At a Clackamas County precinct, a poll worker was fired for filling in empty ballot slots for Republican candidates.


•Polling place problems: Complaints are still coming in about long lines, while situations where machines that were reported as broken have all been resolved.

•Voter intimidation: A man in a suit is reported as intimidating minorities at one polling place.

•Voter intimidation: A man at another precinct is directing people to the wrong polling place.

•Voter intimidation: Questions continue to pour in across the state concerning rumors that voter identification is required. (It is only required for first-time voters.)

•Voter intimidation: In some Pittsburgh precincts, voter guides from a right-wing group associated with Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council are appearing.

Milwaukee, Wis.

•Polling place problems: Custer High School precinct has reported lines more than 45 minutes long.

•Polling place problems: 81st Street School precinct had one machine not working, but it has been fixed.

•Polling place problems: Webster Middle School precinct had very long lines for one ward due to understaffing.

•Polling place problems: At Vogel Park Pavilion precinct, a voter reported that poll workers took a partially completed ballot from her, tore it up and handed her another ballot from a newly arrived bag of ballots—but the new ballot had the selection bubble for senator already shaded as a vote for Tommy Thompson.

Racine, Wis.

•Voter intimidation: At César Chávez Community Center precinct, police with canine dogs were performing color guard exercises at polling site this morning— four police cars were outside a polling location, an attorney volunteer had the police move the vehicles around the other side of the polling location so they were not blocking the polling site.

Today when you get to your polling place, if you are challenged or you have problems, ask a poll worker first. If he or she can't help you, ask to speak with a chief election official. And if that fails, call the AFL-CIO’s voter protection hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) and our rapid response legal team will go into action to address and solve the problems.  

You also can text REPORT to 235246 (standard data and messaging rates may apply) and someone from the rapid response team will get back to you for details.

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