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Detroit Free Press Says Snyder Bowed to Party’s ‘Most Irrational Ideologues’

Detroit Free Press Says Snyder Bowed to Party’s ‘Most Irrational Ideologues’

In 2010, the Detroit Free Press endorsed Republican Rick Snyder in his race for Michigan governor. The paper’s editorial board said it believed Snyder’s promise that he would be a “new kind of governor…a pragmatist focused like a laser on initiatives that promised to raise standards of living for all Michiganders….In short, we trusted Snyder's judgment.”  

But, in a scathing editorial denouncing Snyder’s “abrupt about face” in backing “right to work” for less legislation that for more than two years he claimed was "not on his agenda" and too divisive, the state’s largest newspaper wrote:

That trust has now been betrayed—for us, and for the hundreds of thousands of independents who voted for Snyder with the conviction that they were electing someone more independent, and more visionary, than partisan apparatchiks like Wisconsin's Scott Walker or Florida's Rick Scott.   

It said Snyder’s public explanation about his reversal on “right to work” for less was “grotesquely disingenuous [and] dishonest” and slammed his lack of “resolve to buck his own party's most irrational ideologues and keep his eye on the main prize: a better Michigan.”

Read the full editorial.

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