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Made in America: Here's What You Say



Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve highlighted American products, jobs and stories for our Made in America series, and we asked for your thoughts. Earlier in June, we rounded up what you told us are your favorite USA-made goods, here. This time around, there have been lots of great comments supporting Buy American, and a few questions.

Some of you asked about grills. We could not turn up any union-made grills but a quick search on the Web shows that several companies make grills in the United States, including Huntington Gas Grills from Indiana, Modern Home Products in Illinois, MAK Grills in Oregon and Memphis Wood Fire Grills from Minnesota.

Many, like Gene Roza, wrote to urge consumers to buy American-made goods. “Not only look for Made in U.S.A. products for the fourth but everyday of the year; and NEVER - NEVER - buy anything from Mal Wart....”

Edmundo Cavazos added:

You pay for cheap labor any where in the world, and you get cheap poor quality products. Products made in USA might cost slightly more or the same as products made in cheap labor nations. In the long run, USA made products will be of less cost, will last longer, and will not be replaced as often as products made in cheap labor countries. In USA we are proud of the quality we produce, and the savings we deliver. Keep jobs in USA!

Responding to Cavazos, jonespacks1 wrote:

Edmundo is correct. Tools are a great example, ask anyone who uses tools in the trade or frequently at home, and you'll find they buy higher quality at higher price. Productivity of American workforce offsets the higher wages and buying "Made in America" keeps the cash in our country and keeps fellow Americans in jobs.

Some pointed out that some companies employing union workers donated to anti-worker politicians. As Robin Booth noted:

Miller Brewing is a big supporter of the Scott Walker regime here in Wisconsin. Please choose another beer when promoting American made products. :)

Unfortunately, this situation is not new. A union workforce does not mean a company will do the right thing in other areas. But, as Crazypeters1 points out, supporting the products these companies make in turn supports workers and our communities:

MillerCoors is a new company with the Machinist, UAW, Teamsters and IBEW all having Union members working at all the facilities but the 2 Coors breweries, 1 in Golden, Colo. the other in Virginia. While MillerCoors is jointly owned by South African Breweries, Coors, and Altria, it is still a good-paying Union employer. We are all U.S. citizens making an American made product that we are proud of. The money we make and spend helps the American economy and our country become stronger regardless who owns us.

Our blog pointing to Google’s decision to make its Nexus Q in the United States drew applause for the giant tech-maker’s move. Wrote Florida Dem:

Wow, Made in America, that's what we need. Goods were better when they were Made in America and we can all see what has happened to our economy since all the corporations have moved their manufacturing to third world countries........we have become a third world country and the corporations are brutalizing the citizens of those countries!

In short, wrote Susan Russell,  “Hats off to Google! We need more companies to step up to the plate. Thank you Google!”

In coming days, Congress is taking up the Bring Jobs Home Act, which will cut taxes for U.S. companies that move jobs and business operations to America from another country, as Master Lock has done. The legislation also will end tax loopholes that reward companies that ship jobs overseas. Writes the aptly named Joe Steel:

The tax credit for bringing American jobs home and elimination of the loophole for sending them away are good starts but we shouldn't stop there. We should eliminate tax deductions for foreign expenses. If someone sells foreign-made goods in the US, only the American portion of their cost should be deductible. Everything else should be fully taxed.

What do you think about the proposed bill?

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