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In Wall Street Journal World, We 'Don’t Exist'

In Wall Street Journal World, We 'Don’t Exist'

Take a look at that down-trodden family at the left. Maybe, they’re lining up for shelter after a natural disaster, or waiting for the food bank doors to open or at a donation center to gather up winter coats for the kids. Damn, they look so sad.

But no, none of the above is true. They live in “Wall Street Journal World.” It’s a place where, according to a recent Journal story on the impact of the new federal tax rates, most Americans—those of us who make less than $180,000 a year and pay taxes—"don’t exist" (we're not mentioned at all).      

That’s right, the nation’s biggest newspaper apparently believes anyone below their financial Mendoza line is just meaningless riffraff. (If you’re not a seam-head—aka baseball nerd—check out Mendoza.)   

By the way, the family, pictured to the left, with the gloomy Dust Bowl eyes is struggling to deal with the new taxes and somehow get by on just $650,000 a year. It breaks your heart.

But they are not alone. Click here (see below) to take a look at the single working woman trying to make ends meet on a paltry $230,000 a year and the parent who's scraping by on $260,000 a year. But the real tragic story is the retired couple, who somehow manages to keep a roof over their heads and cat food on the table on just $180,000 a year (the median income for seniors older than 65 is only $25,757). I need a hankie.    

Thanks to Adam Albright-Hanna at Upworthy for passing this along from the Working Families Party.  

Photo courtesy of the Working Families Party.
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