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Bring Jobs Home: What Are You Doing to Take Action?

It's Time to Bring Jobs Home

In actions and events from Anchorage, Alaska, to Montgomery, Ala., thousands of working families and their unions are urging Congress to take action on the nation’s jobs crisis, part of the AFL-CIO’s Bring Jobs Home campaign.

After the July 4 recess, Congress will take up the Bring Jobs Home Act (S. 2884), which will cut taxes for U.S. companies that move jobs and business operations to the United States and end tax loopholes that reward companies that ship jobs overseas. Working families also are pushing for a call center bill that would bar companies that send call center jobs overseas from receiving federal grants and tax breaks.

Along with building support for the Bring Jobs Home Act, we are calling on lawmakers to:

  • Address currency manipulation by other countries, which is a key driver of offshoring;
  • Tax the overseas income of U.S. corporations the same way we tax their domestic income, so they can no longer lower their tax bill by shifting income and jobs overseas; and 
  • Push for fair trade policies that benefit workers—not just multinational corporations.

While Mitt Romney is parsing the definition of outsourcing and offshoring to deflect his long record of doing both, U.S. workers, as President Obama said, know outsourcing and offshoring produce the same results: fewer good jobs for America’s employment-starved workers.

Check out some of the events below and be sure to join them if they’re in your area. Can’t find anything nearby? Check out the full list of Bring Jobs Home events here.

Also, be sure to text JOBS to 235246 to get info and action alerts to help bring America's jobs home. (Message and data rates may apply.)

Here are highlights of events from around the country:

  • Los Angeles working families will march against Wal-Mart and low-wage jobs June 30, beginning at 1245 N. Spring St. More info here
  • A July 2 San Diego event will highlight the impending Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement that threatens to ship even more jobs overseas. Join activists July 2 at 1 Park Blvd. Details here.
  • United Steelworkers (USW) are hosting a July 3 event at the Zanesville, Ohio, office of Rep. Bob Gibbs (R), who has refused to meet with his constituents about the Bring Jobs Home Act. Find out more here
  • In one of the many Bring Jobs Home Fourth of July events, Raleigh, N.C., working families will leaflet North Carolinians during the city’s downtown celebration, urging people to contact their senator about the Bring Jobs Home Act. Get details here.

What are you doing to tell Congress to bring jobs home? Tell us here.

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