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10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Overtime

10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Overtime

10 Reasons Why You Should GAF About Overtime originally appeared on Kinja. 

Millions of workers, maybe even you, have been working overtime without ever seeing a dime. That’s not right. Thankfully, the U.S. Department of Labor is expected to announce a proposal soon to increase the salary threshold for receiving overtime pay. In short, you could be about to get a raise you might not have even known you already should have. Here’s why you should definitely GAF about the new overtime rule:

1. The only way you’re getting overtime coverage right now is if you make a poverty-level salary for a family of four. That’s less than $23,660.

2. It’s a good bet that you’re not covered. Not only is the salary threshold way too low, it also only covers 11% of salaried workers, leaving 88% of the workforce to work long hours without compensation.

3. 1975 was the last time the overtime salary threshold kept pace with inflation, aka the last year that bell-bottoms were in style (thankfully).

4. Have a sneaking suspicion you’re missing out on some money? Well spoiler alert, you probably are. If you are a salaried employee earning more than $23,660 and you work more than 40 hours a week, your boss can easily deny you overtime pay and essentially make you work for free.

5. Show us the $$$—Most Americans are in favor of paying employees for the extra hours they work each week.

Read five more reasons why you should care about overtime over at Kinja

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