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Yuengling Boss Supports 'Right to Work' for Less in Pennsylvania

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Dick Yuengling Jr., who runs the D.G. Yuengling and Son brewery out of Pottsville, Pa., says he supports a "right to work" for less law for his home state. He specifically says that such a policy would attract more businesses to the state. He also came out in favor of lowering taxes on businesses.

"Right to work" laws are policies backed by extreme politicians and their corporate backers that serve no purpose other than to weaken the power of workers and unions. "Right to work" laws have negative effects on all workers in the states that have them. Workers in "right to work" states make an average of $5,680 less a year than workers in other states and they face higher rates of poverty and death on the job.

You have several good union beers to choose from that are alternatives to Yuengling.

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