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If Walmart Paid Its Workers a Living Wage So They Wouldn't Need Food Stamps, How Much More Would It Cost Customers? (You'll Be Surprised)

Photo via Ryan R. Berdel Instagram (@nanokarbon)

Companies like Walmart often claim they can't afford to raise employee salaries because it would cause them to raise prices, which would hurt customers, decrease sales and then hurt the very employees whose salaries they raised, leading to layoffs and less hours. Ignoring the fact that they could easily absorb any such cost increases by slightly slimming down their billions of dollars of profits, the math just doesn't add up (watch the video after the jump).

If you think Walmart workers deserve a living wage, sign the petition

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McCutcheon v. FEC Supreme Court Ruling 'Dangerously Broadened Its Skewed View of Money in Politics,' Says Trumka

McCutcheon v. FEC Supreme Court Ruling Is 'One of the Most Undemocratic and Corrosive Decisions in History,' Says Trumka

Reacting to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election CommissionAFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said the court made "one of the most undemocratic and corrosive decisions in history with the Citizens United ruling."

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Want a Side Order of Wage Theft with Your Pizza? Call Domino's

Photo courtesy Elliott Brown on Flickr

Say it ain't so, Domino's. On the heels of a $1.28 million settlement between a Domino's franchisee in New York City on Feb. 23, more Domino's franchise owners in New York state reached a settlement with drivers and pizza cooks for $448,000 for wage theft. The new settlement was announced by the state's attorney general, Eric Schneiderman. Last week, Schneiderman also announced a roughly half-million-dollar settlement with a McDonald's franchise owner after employees made similar accusations.

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What Target Says in Its New Anti-Union Video, and What It Really Means

Target is at it again. The country's third-largest retailer has long been anti-union, and it has a new version of its hilarious propaganda video meant to scare workers away from organizing for a voice on the job. Gawker and other sources have run the video, which is filled with so many lines that are dishonest or misleading that you have to double check to make sure it isn't a comedy piece produced by The Onion.

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Letter Carriers Stand Solidly with Postal Workers Against USPS–Staples Deal

The Letter Carriers (NALC) have joined in the battle by the Postal Workers (APWU) to stop the U.S. Postal Service’s privatization of retail operations by contracting services to Staples with “postal counters” staffed with low-wage, high-turnover Staples employees rather than postal employees.

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K-E Double L! O Double Greed

When the Kellogg Co. locked out some 220 workers from its Memphis, Tenn., plant in October, it was another step in Kellogg’s corporate battle plan to replace steady, middle-class, full-time jobs in the United States and elsewhere with casual part-time employees who would make significantly lower wages and substandard benefits.

Today the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) union stepped up its campaign to shed light on Kellogg’s Greed.

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Class-Action Suit: McDonald's and Franchisees Accused of Wage Theft

Photo courtesy Ben Gilman on Flickr

class-action lawsuit has been filed against McDonald's and the company's franchisees in three states, alleging various forms of wage theft at restaurants in California, Michigan and New York, Salon's Josh Eidelson reports. Among the accusations are stores not paying properly for overtime hours, workers being required to clean uniforms off the clock and employees being required to show up for work, but not allowed to clock in when business is slow.

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That 15% Increase in Wall Street Bonuses Last Year Must Mean the Economy Is All Better, Right?

If we're to believe conservatives, the free market rewards those who work hard and do the right thing and punishes those who don't. The market wouldn't, for instance, give record bonuses to Wall Street executives during a time when the economy is struggling, when jobs are scarce and when many Americans are suffering, right? So the news that Wall Street executives saw their bonuses increase by 15% in 2013 must mean that the economy is doing great. Otherwise, why would the free market reward those executives?

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20 Reasons Why Warehouses Are Terrible Places

Photo courtesy the Scottish Government on Flickr

While it has risen to become one of the most successful corporations in the new economy, has mastered the art of creating a bad work environment like no other company (except maybe Walmart). At Salon, Simon Head documents the extreme measures the online retailer uses at its fulfillment centers (the company's fancy name for its warehouses). Here are the 20 most extreme abuses Head finds.

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If You Thought Working at McDonald's Was Tough for American Citizens...

If You Thought Working at McDonald's Was Tough for American Citizens...

...It doesn't compare to the nightmare that cultural exchange workers at a Pennsylvania McDonald's franchise were subjected to before going on strike last year.  As previously reported, the workers were subjected to 25-hour shifts without overtime pay, substandard housing, including sleeping in franchisee Andy Cheung's basement, and repeated threats toward any workers who complained. On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the details of the settlement between Cheung and the workers, with more than $200,000 in damages and back pay to be paid to nearly 300 workers. 

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