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Forever 21 Is Forever Wrong as It Slashes Hours and Health Care Benefits for Full-Time Workers

Photo by deriviativesofcourse/Flickr

A group of workers at the mall fixture Forever 21 clothing stores might be stuck forever in poverty without health insurance and paid time off now that execs at the trendy youth fashion chain have decided to reclassify some of the full-time sales, stock and maintenance workers, along with cashiers and other store employees, as part-time workers, allowed just 29.5 hours of work a week.

The outrage over the cold, corporate move is flooding the Forever 21 Facebook page, with most vowing never to shop at Forever 21—well, forever.

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Mine Workers Tell Peabody, ‘We’re Not Going Away’

Fairness at Patriot photo via Facebook

More than 2,000 Mine Workers (UMWA) members and retirees, other union members and faith and community activists rallied outside the St. Louis corporate headquarters of Peabody Energy in the latest action demanding fairness for the active and retired miners caught in the 2012 boardroom-orchestrated bankruptcy of Patriot Coal.

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Walmart to Make Safety Changes After OSHA Inspections Find Violations

Photo courtesy Ron Dauphin

Retail giant Walmart reached an agreement with the Labor Department to make improvements at nearly 4,700 Walmart and Sam's Club locations after an Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspection at a Rochester, N.Y., store in 2011 found numerous safety violations, USA Today reports. The company also will pay $190,000 in fines. Similar violations were found between 2008 and 2010 at stores in nine states.

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ALEC Pursuing Radical Corporate Agenda While Working Families Protest

The Center for Media and Democracy today released a new report on the American Legislative Exchange Council, examining the extreme conservative organization's powerful and growing influence in the states. The report identifies more than 450 bills introduced by state legislators that copied ALEC's model bills, with West Virginia and Missouri leading the way with the most bills. Across the nation, 84 of these proposed laws passed.

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8 Ways That ALEC Is Targeting Working Families

Photo courtesy Mentatmark

Information about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) working in secret to push state-level policy to more extreme levels is coming to light more and more and America's working families are starting to stand up to the group's corporate-driven agenda. While ALEC's agenda is all over the policy map, the organization has a particular focus on pushing new laws that attack working families and undercut the rights of workers, both in the workplace and in retirement.  Here are eight of the most dangerous and most widespread ways that ALEC is targeting workers and their right to a voice on the job.

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Walmart: Portrait of a Job Killer

Making Change at Walmart, photo via Facebook

Whenever communities, lawmakers or activists question or criticize Walmart for the way it treats workers—the low-pay, the stores’ impact on the communities—the retail giant pulls out a well-worn script with a simple message, “Walmart creates jobs and if there’s one thing this economy needs, it’s more jobs.”   

Setting aside the quality of the jobs for another day, is Walmart telling the truth?

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Sorry, Mr. President, Amazon Isn't the Place to Go for Good Jobs

Photo courtesy Scottish Government

In his speech in Chattanooga, Tenn., yesterday, President Obama rightfully called out for an increase in jobs that pay high wages and offer good benefits, what he called "middle class jobs," and for a focus on creating manufacturing jobs.  While those are laudable goals, Obama chose to give a speech about these topics at the Amazon Chattanooga Fulfillment Center, a location that neither pays those good wages and benefits nor is a place that offers manufacturing jobs.

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Fairness at Patriot Rally Aims at Arch Coal

Striking McDonald's worker joins the UMWA protest. Photo by Cathy Sherwin.

Several thousand current and retired Mine Workers (UMWA) and their supporters—including striking fast-food workers—rallied this morning outside the St. Louis headquarters of Arch Coal, protesting the company’s move to slash health care benefits for retired and active miners through corporate chicanery and bankruptcy maneuvers.

A number of workers and retirees were arrested as they sat down in non-violent civil disobedience on the front steps of the Arch Coal building.   

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Goldman Sachs Is Making Your Beer More Expensive

Photo courtesy Carrie Sloan

Goldman Sachs is making your beer more expensive. Why are they doing it? According to the investment bank, the reason is "economics." According to actual economics, the reason is "profits." The Washington Post explains how it works.

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Mothers Who Work at Restaurants Are Getting Worked Over by Their Employers

Mothers Who Work at Restaurants Are Getting Worked Over by Their Employers

For the millions of mothers who work in restaurants, it's hard enough to balance work with the responsibility of raising your children right. But a recent survey shows that many employers seem to not only not care, but they act as if they are purposefully trying to make things harder for moms. From subminimum wages to lack of career mobility, working mothers face a wide array of challenges that make their lives harder and less rewarding.

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