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Working America Launches 'Fix My Job' Tool to Help Workers with Job-Related Problems

Does your boss switch your schedule at the last minute without warning? Not ask for your input? Working America, AFL-CIO's community affiliate, launched an interactive web tool for workers who don't have union representation to help them with job-related problems and guidance and solutions for dealing with those concerns. The site, Fix My Job, is part of a collaboration with AFL-CIO's Organizing Department and includes resources from organizers, workplace experts and specialists, as well as more advanced step-by-step instruction, tasks and tactics.

“It’s like an online house call from the doctor for workers,” said Working America Organizing Director David Wehde. “Users can check their workplace symptoms. Whether the problem is poor workplace policies, unsatisfactory health benefits, an incompetent boss, low pay, insufficient hours, safety concerns or more, the site is a place where working people can find potential remedies. In this economy, workers are struggling. We want to create a fertile environment for workers to self-organize in whatever forms they find natural and effective.”

For workers who want more advanced tactics for dealing with issues in the workplace, the website also offers a section called OrganizeWith.Us that teaches users about mobilizing and organizing on the job. This segment of the website allows users to keep diaries, compile research, consider actions and build relationships that will advance their organizing. 

“We’ve never embarked on something quite like this before,” said AFL-CIO Deputy Organizing Director Christian Sweeney. “Innovation and experimentation is a rich part of labor history. We look forward to seeing how this site evolves to help more and more people find power on the job.”

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