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Indiana’s New Anti-LGBTQ Law ‘Condones Discrimination’

Photo via freedom Indiana Facebook page.

The Indiana legislature passed and Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed a bill last week that critics, from human and civil rights groups to corporate CEOs to professional athletes, say opens the door to legal discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people.

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Better Vision

Better Vision

Washington continues in its stalemate, with a hidebound Republican establishment clinging in death throws to some ancient regime of plutocratic rule. The nation is left without vision for a way out of the current economic malaise that, if unchecked, will deepen inequality and cement the fate of the “middle class state.”

This week marks 49 years since President Lyndon B. Johnson delivered the commencement address at Howard University. By looking at his words, we see the vision others had and how our compromises have us stumbling instead of leaping forward. We can’t move forward if our language does not force results. In an era of rising inequality, settling for “equality of opportunity” is not a vision for moving forward. Here's what Johnson said on June 4, 1965:

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Arizona Legislature Votes to Legalize Discrimination. Urge Governor to Veto

Sign designed by Barbie Donovan. Photo via Rocco's Facebook page.

Last week in Arizona, the tea party-dominated legislature passed a bill that will allow businesses to slam their doors shut on anyone they say doing business with would violate their religious beliefs. While the bill was aimed primarily at the LGBTQ community, in effect, it could allow business owners to discriminate against anyone.

Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has until Friday to sign or veto the bill. Call 888-968-2464 and urge Brewer to veto the bill.

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Colombia: Many Women Workers Face Job Discrimination

Afro-desendent women gathered in Medellin, Colombia, in April for the first domestic workers union congress. Photo: IDWN

In Colombia, “even when there’s an improvement in the overall economy, women don’t see any improvement,” says Sohely Rua Catañeda. As a result, many women who are unable to secure formal employment are forced into the informal sector to support themselves and their families, laboring as domestic workers or street vendors. Women in these low-paying jobs have limited or no access to social services and are unable to address workplace harassment or unsafe working conditions.

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Restaurant Workers: Saru Jayaraman Takes Us 'Behind the Kitchen Door'

Saru Jayaraman

The partition that separates diners from the inner workings of the restaurant industry toppled for Saru Jayaraman shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Fekkak Mamdouh, one of the headwaiters of the restaurant housed on the top floor of the World Trade Center, approached Jayaraman seven months after the attacks. His former boss deemed him and his former crew “not experienced enough” to work in his new Times Square restaurant. Jayaraman, a 27-year-old organizer of immigrant women, took up the case to advocate for the displaced workers, organized protests and won—most of the workers were awarded the good jobs their former boss promised.

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Court Rules Texas Redistricting Discriminates Against Hispanics

Phot by John Wiley/Flickr

Texas AFL-CIO Communications Director Ed Sills sends us this report from his daily e-mail newsletter. Sign up for the Texas AFL-CIO E-News at   

A three-judge federal panel ruled Tuesday that Texas’ redrawing of political boundaries for Congress and the legislature discriminated against Hispanics and must be set aside under the federal Voting Rights Act.

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Alabama Law Dictates ‘Who to Be Friends With’

Sarah Seltzer writes for Alternet and other online publications and sends us this. Follow Sarah on Twitter.

As the AFL-CIO documented in a study, the situation for immigrants in Alabama has grown increasingly dire: A “humanitarian crisis” has resulted from a Draconian anti-immigration law, HB 56, one of the nation’s harshest.

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Join March 29 Rally to Support Wal-Mart Women

Hundreds of people will show their support outside the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday, when the High Court hears oral arguments in what could become the largest class-action civil rights suit in U.S. history.

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