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10 Challenges and 8 Solutions to Improving Black Male Educational Attainment (from Teachers)

10 Challenges and 8 Solutions to Improving Black Male Educational Attainment (from Teachers)

A new report from the AFT, Reclaiming the Promise of Racial Equity, takes a look at the impediments that African American students, particularly males, face in trying to achieve the American Dream and support their families. The bulk of the work done by the task force focused on developing ways to address those challenges. The report was produced by AFT's Racial Equity Task Force.

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Race and the Labor Movement Town Hall Draws More Than 300 Attendees

AFL-CIO Civil, Human and Women’s Rights Department Program Coordinator Tiffany Dena Loftin

On Monday, the AFL-CIO Civil, Human and Women’s Rights Department and the NAACP DC Branch hosted the first Race and the Labor Movement Town Hall. In light of the recent racial injustices in Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore and most recently the brutal racially motivated killings in Charleston, S.C., the town hall provided a space for an open conversation on race and the role it plays in the lives of millions of workers across the country. 

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Working Families to Join 'Justice for All' March in Ferguson

In September, when AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka spoke to the convention of the Missouri AFL-CIO, he addressed the recent events in Ferguson, Mo., that led to the shooting of Michael Brown, saying that it was important for labor to be a part of the necessary conversation about race in the United States. Now the AFL-CIO, including the federation's director of civil, human and women's rights, Carmen Berkley, and Neidi Dominguez, assistant director of community engagement, will be in Missouri this weekend as part of the "Justice for All" events, including a national march and rally in St. Louis and Moral Monday-themed civil disobedience.

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Trumka in Missouri Speaks on Confronting Racism

In a powerful speech given at the Missouri AFL-CIO Convention, national AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka took time to address the shooting of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown and the issues of race and class the shooting reignited in the national conversation. Trumka emphasized that racism is still a significant issue that we face not only as a country, but as a labor movement. He noted that both Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Brown, and Lesley McSpadden, Brown's mother, are union members.

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The American Dream Doesn't Apply to African Americans

The American Dream Doesn't Apply to African Americans

That's the sobering conclusion one has to take from this chart from The Washington Post. The American ideal—that anyone can rise up from poverty to succeed—just doesn't seem to apply to a lot of America's workers, particularly African Americans. While it is possible and it does happen, the reality is that it isn't as common as we think and it's far from equally possible.

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