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When You Have to Remind Your Boss That You're a Human, Something Has to Change

Lafondra Brown wasn't a licensed welder, but her boss told her if she didn't finish up a welding job, she would be out of work. So Lafondra finished the project with no safety gear. Hours later, she was in the hospital, her eyes the size of golf balls. 

On top of a dangerous work environment, Lafondra dealt with sexual harassment, assault and racism in her construction job, where she was the only woman.

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Decorated War Veteran Finds New Life as an Ironworker

Rob LeFurgy with General David Petraeus.

Four years ago, Local 361 apprentice Rob LeFurgy wasn’t even sure what an ironworker did. All the decorated Iraq War veteran knew for certain was that he sorely missed the brotherhood and sense of higher purpose he had known serving in the U.S. Army. Becoming an ironworker, however, has gone a long way toward satisfying those intense feelings of longing and restoring the 28-year-old’s hope in a brighter future. 

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Jobs, Not Prisons: Unions Help Formerly Incarcerated Women Build a New Life

Tristain Frye

Greg Christiansen has been an iron worker for 35 years. He was out in the field for some time but, since 2011, has been recruiting graduates from a particular pre-apprenticeship program that makes an important contribution to our society.

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Lifelong Indiana Ironworker Wins National United Way Community Services Award

Photo below from left to right—Nancy McCormick, AFL-CIO/CSL Midwest Regional Director, United Way Worldwide; Dan Murchek, President, Northwest Indiana Federation of Labor; Deb Townsend, AFL-CIO/CSL Northwest Indiana Federation of Labor, Lake Area United Way; Sharon Wright, Women's Leadership Council, LaPorte County United Way; James Stemmler, Local #395 Ironworkers retired, Beirne Award Winner; Kathy Ertle, President, Indiana Association of United Ways; Chris Brickey, President, Central Indiana Labor Council, AFL-CIO; Mrs. Karen Husky and Mr. Gary Husky, #395 Ironworkers, retired.

James Stemmler of Michigan City, Ind., has spent more than 20 years leading labor volunteers in community improvement. He initiated the Union Workers Street Collection for United Way in 2007, when he invited four trade unions to volunteer. During the most recent event, 20 union volunteers raised more than $3,100 in four hours.

Stemmler was presented with the prestigious national Joseph A. Beirne Community Services Award for his longtime work with United Way and the labor community in La Porte County. The award was presented at the Indiana Association of United Ways State Leaders Conference on March 13 in Indianapolis.

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Winning for Texas Workers

If Texas working families and their unions are going to turn red, right-wing, "right to work" for less Texas blue and replace the corporate-beholden, anti-union politicians with lawmakers who will respect the rights of workers, "We'll have to do it one [state] House district at a time," Richard Shaw, secretary-treasurer of the Harris County (Texas) AFL-CIO Council, told participants at the Winning for Texas Workers action session at the AFL-CIO 2013 Convention this afternoon.

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Ironworkers Call on Congress to Fix Crumbling Infrastructure

Photo courtesy roswellsgirl

After the collapse of the Skagit River Bridge in Washington State, Ironworkers General President Walter Wise called on Congress to break the unprecedented gridlock and make immediate investment in rebuilding the country's crumbling infrastructure. Wise noted numerous reports in recent years highlight addressing America's infrastructure is long overdue. Most recently, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave United States infrastructure a grade of D+.

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This Memorial Day, Remember Those Who Gave Their Lives for Freedom

This Memorial Day, Remember Those Who Gave Their Lives for Freedom

James Gilbert is director of the AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council.

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. Many Americans will enjoy a day off with family and friends, perhaps at a barbecue or baseball game. Those times and the memories that are created are precious and should be celebrated. Since 1868, this holiday has served as a moment when Americans remember the men and women of the military who lost their lives to preserve our freedom.

In that spirit, I ask that you take time this weekend to do something with your family to pass along the tradition of remembrance. All across the country, there will be ceremonies at many of the 131 Department of Veterans Affairs cemeteries. The National Cemetery Administration honors veterans with final resting places in national shrines and with lasting tributes that commemorate their service to our nation. To find out where and when a wreath-laying is happening in your area, go to the National Cemetery Administration’s website.

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Ironworkers' ‘Countdown to Zero’ Reducing Workplace Deaths

Ironworkers' ‘Countdown to Zero’ Reducing Workplace Deaths

In January 2012, the Ironworkers launched a new worksite safety campaign, with the goal of “zero fatalities, and the first figures in show that Countdown to Zero” is making a difference and saving lives (see chart inside post).

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'Better Than Ever': Union Workers Hoist Spire Atop the World Trade Center

Union Workers Hoist Spire Atop the World Trade Center

Union workers, some of whom are also veterans, are rebuilding the World Trade Center. 

This week, they lifted the last piece of spire to a height of 1,776 feet. At 22 tons, the spire will house state-of-the-art lighting and a beacon, which will be visible for miles.

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Where Does Nationals Player Bryce Harper Get His Work Ethic? His Ironworker Dad, That's Where

Bryce Harper is proud of his union ironworker dad. Image via Wikimedia Commons by UCinternational.

Washington Nationals wunderkind outfielder Bryce Harper works hard.

Where does he get that work ethic? His father, a union ironworker from Las Vegas, who installs rebar on construction sites in sometimes extreme conditions. 

Check out this clip from ESPN's "Bryce Begins." The entire special aired Tuesday night.

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