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Ohio Union Members Stand with Fired Teacher Carla Hale

Photo courtesy of the "I Support Carla Hale" Facebook page.

It was her mom's obituary that got Carla Hale fired. The six words sealed the deal? "Survived by Carla & her partner."

Hale, who taught physical education at Bishop Watterson High School in Columbus, Ohio,  for 19 years, was fired in March, weeks after the obit ran. Hale said she was fired for being in a gay relationship. Now, local unions represented by the Central Ohio Labor Council are supporting Hale in her fight to be reinstated. 

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Chicago Teachers Are Unified and Unionized at UNO

Chicago Teachers Are Unified and Unionized at UNO

The teachers and staff in one of Chicago’s largest charter school networks overwhelmingly voted to join the Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff (Chicago ACTS), an AFT affiliate. The more than 400 educators work at the 13 schools, with about 6,500 students, that are operated by the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO).

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Bloomberg’s Stubbornness Costs NYC $450 Million in Education Aid

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg already has shown he is willing to put the safety of schoolchildren at risk in forcing a strike by the city’s school bus drivers. Now, Bloomberg has shown he is willing to throw away $450 million in state and federal education aid by breaking off talks with the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) over a new evaluation system.

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Learning to Share: Teachers Collaborate on Quality Lesson Plans

Check out an excerpt of the AFL-CIO's new Innovators website feature, "Learning to Share: Teachers Collaborate on Quality Lesson Plans."

Think about facing a classroom of kids every day and being expected to walk in the door with something new, fresh, compelling and challenging.

Creating the massive volume of quality instructional material required is among a veteran teacher’s greatest challenges. Needed resources are often hard to come by, expensive and it can be difficult to evaluate their effectiveness.  So a group of teachers attempted to solve these problems by creating a valuable new online resource where educators can share their best lesson plans, Share My Lesson.

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ILO’s Ryder Calls for ‘Urgent Action’ to Improve Global Teaching Conditions

ILO’s Ryder Calls for ‘Urgent Action’ to Improve Global Teaching Conditions

International Labor Organization (ILO) Director-General Guy Ryder says the world economic crisis has seriously affected teachers and students around the globe, causing teacher layoffs, cuts in funding, resulting in larger class sizes with fewer resources and reduced teacher salaries. In his World Teachers' Day message last week, Ryder said:

All this has resulted in a decline in the status of teachers. Sadly, it is a profession under siege. 

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Working America: 10 Reasons Not to See 'Won't Back Down'

"10 Reasons Not to See 'Won't Back Down'" is a cross-post from Working America's Main Street blog

The Walden Media film "Won’t Back Down," starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, opens in theaters today. The film dramatizes a parent fighting to improve her child’s school, but it’s actually a dishonest Hollywood portrayal of the problems in our educational system—funded by the very people who want to privatize and profit from our schools. Here are 10 reasons to skip it:

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Romney: 'Limit Teachers Unions' Political Donations.' What About Wall Street’s?

Illustration by Mike Licht,

What’s the difference between corporations and teachers’ unions, according to Mitt Romney? Apparently corporations are “people”—at least in the Citizens United definition—and should be allowed to give unlimited campaign contributions and other political donations, while teachers' unions are evil influence peddlers who buy politicians’ favor and shouldn’t be allowed to give campaign contributions.

That’s what you’ve got to infer from his comments Tuesday to an education forum sponsored by NBC, where he told moderator Brian Williams:

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No Suspension of Chicago Teachers Strike for Now

Photo by Orlando J. Velez, director of Chicago Federation of Labor "Community Services Activities - Labor Liaison with United Way of Metropolitan Chicago.

The Chicago Teachers Union's House of Delegates voted today not to suspend the strike that started Monday, but to take the tentative contract deal to the picket line for discussions over the next two days with the 26,000 striking teachers and school staff.

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Hug A Thug Booth Big Hit in Charlotte


Walking through CarolinaFest in Charlotte, N.C., this past Labor Day, you could buy a funnel cake, ride down a bouncy slide—and hug a union “thug.”

Compliments of the North Carolina State AFL-CIO, the Hug A Thug booth featured teachers, firefighters, nurses—just about everyone who’s a union member and/or thug, depending upon your political perspective. The union movement's "hug a union thug" campaign poked fun at conservative attempts to scapegoat union members.

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AFT’s Randi Weingarten: Teachers and Parents on the Same Page, New Movie 'Won't Back Down' Distorts the Truth

Parents and educators share a "sense of urgency" when it comes to improving schools and providing the best education possible for children, says AFT President Randi Weingarten. But teachers and their unions are part of the solution, not the problem, despite what the soon-to-be-released film, “Won’t Back Down,” says.

Weingarten rebutted the portrayal of teachers and teachers’ unions in “Won’t Back Down.” She writes:

Many people who see this film will be moved by the story and will feel this same sense of urgency. But the film uses blatant stereotypes and caricatures to blame teachers and their unions for all of the problems facing our schools. These stereotypes and caricatures are even worse than those in “Waiting for ‘Superman.’”

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