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Wisconsin Republicans Take Another Step Toward Silencing Workers and Decreasing Wages

Late Wednesday night, the Wisconsin state Senate voted 17–15 to advance a "right to work" bill that has been widely criticized as harmful to the working families of the state. Thousands rallied outside the Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday in opposition to the legislation, as similar laws have been shown to have widespread negative effects in the other states that have passed them. Republicans Fast Tracked the bill in order to limit public discussion and feedback, and the bill is expected to be voted on by the state Assembly next week. If it passes, it will be sent to Gov. Scott Walker (R) who has indicated he will sign it.

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Wisconsin Republicans Silence Debate to Advance 'Right to Work' Bill

Photo courtesy Wisconsin AFL-CIO on Flickr

UPDATE, Feb. 26: The Wisconsin State Senate approved the right to work bill 17-15 late Wednesday night. Thousands of workers, community supporters and others rallied outside the Capitol earlier in the day to protest the bill and later packed the Senate chambers for the floor debate and vote. The bill now goes to the State Assembly for vote likely next week. We’ll bring you more details later today.

Wisconsin Republicans, led by state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) and state Sen. Steve Nass (R), have made it abundantly clear this week that they don't care about the voices of their state's working families. They had previously made it clear that they didn't care about the rights of working families. On Tuesday, Nass shut down debate on a proposed "right to work" bill, with hundreds of Wisconsin workers still waiting to testify about the bill. Nass previously admitted that the Fast Track process through which the bill was brought up was intentionally designed to limit public protests. But thousands gathered at the state House in protest of the legislature's actions, with more planned rallies already set to go. The Senate Labor Committee advanced the bill on a party-line vote, and it now goes to the full floor for a vote.

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In Wisconsin: Trumka Joins Union Members for GOTV Drive

In Wisconsin: Trumka Joins Union Members for GOTV Drive

On their way to punch in on Thursday, workers at Miller Brewing Co.’s Milwaukee plant were met by fellow union members, handing out leaflets and talking to them about why Mary Burke is the best candidate for governor for working families. One of those union members at the plant gate was AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

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Wisconsin Photo ID Law Threatens Right to Vote for 300,000. Gov. Walker’s Fine with That

NAACP photo

UPDATE: The U.S. Supreme Court on Oct. 9 blocked Wisconsin from implementing the nation’s strictest voter photo ID law.  Click here to read our coverage of the decision.

On Election Day, some 300,000 registered voters in Wisconsin could have their voices silenced. And that’s exactly what Gov. Scott Walker (R), the Republican-majority state legislature and their corporate and extremist backers had in mind when they passed the restrictive voter photo ID law in 2011.

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Wisconsin Voter ID: Here’s What You Need

Wisconsion AFL-CIO photo

This election year Wisconsin voters have to deal with several new voting restrictions passed by the Republican-controlled legislature and signed by Gov. Scott Walker (R). 

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Workers Make OSHA Complaint About Unsafe Scott Walker Ad

Workers Make OSHA Complaint About Unsafe Scott Walker Ad

In Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s latest ad, he is seen standing in a big hole. What some people might not realize is the unsafe example Walker is setting for workers in this field. Jeff Kaminski, president of the United Steelworkers (USW) Local 2006, representing workers at investor-owned utilities in the state, made an official complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and called for the commercial to be pulled from the air. Says Kaminski:

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Wisconsin Gov. Walker Compares Himself to FDR? 'Laughably Delusional,' says Phil Neuenfeldt

Wisconsin Gov. Walker Compares Himself to FDR? 'Laughably Delusional,' says Phil Neuenfeldt

In case you missed it, Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) recently compared himself to Franklin Delano Roosevelt (?!) and left the door open to expanding Act 10 [a law that limits most collective bargaining powers for most public employees] for police and firefighters. While Gov. Walker gears up for his spotlight at the National Governors Association, Wisconsin workers are still feeling the lasting impacts of a struggling economy.

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Fast Food Workers Walk Off the Job in Milwaukee

Photo courtesy Wisconsin AFL-CIO

Fast food workers in Milwaukee, Wis., became the latest to join a nation-wide movement for a living wage by walking off the job on Wednesday and calling for both an increase in wages and the recognition of their right to form a union free from employer harassment or retaliation.  Hundreds of workers joined the walkout, leaving restaurants like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Old Country Buffet and Popeye's.  A rally is scheduled for Thursday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. at the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

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Join the Fight for a Living Wage

Photo courtesy: Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

Across the country, low-wage workers at McDonald's, KFC, Jimmy John’s and other service-sector jobs are joining together to improve wages and working conditions for the entire industry. This growing movement is one of the largest grassroots workplace mobilizations in recent history. Recently, workers in New York City, Chicago, St. Louis and Detroit went on strike, demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour and the right to form a union free from employer harassment and retaliation.

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Wisconsin Labor Activists Help Strugging Families Become Self-Sufficient

Photo courtesy of South Central Federation of Labor

The South Central Federation of Labor in Wisconsin collected $445 in gas cards and bus cards to donate to the Community Action Coalition, which provides case management for families struggling to become self-sufficient.

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