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Lawmakers Duck Moral Monday Protesters

North Carolina AFL-CIO photo

Several hundred people rallied at the state Capitol in Raleigh, N.C., yesterday in a Moral Monday action focused on environmental and health care issues. Eleven of the protesters were arrested on trespassing charges after a sit-in at the Capitol building, but none were arrested for violating the recent “imminent disturbance” gag rule.

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Hey, North Carolina, Our Freedoms Were Built Through ‘Imminent Disturbance’

North Carolina lawmakers want to use a new gag rule to silence growing Moral Monday protests over their extremist agenda that has attacked voting rights, education, the environment, unemployed workers, health care and women's rights.The “imminent disturbance” rule allows police to arrest anyone who poses a threat to create a disturbance.

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The Democracy Initiative Group Unites as a Force to Give All Voters a Voice

Attendees of the action session, “This Is NOT What Democracy Looks Like! The Democracy Initiative,” heard hopeful solutions to large problems with our democratic process. The tool for correcting these problems of political inequality was the topic of the session: the Democracy Initiative. The executive director of the Democracy Initiative, Marissa Brown, summed up the group’s task: “We are about making government function for people who voted for a government that functions.”

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12th Moral Monday Spotlights Voter Suppression

North Carolina AFL-CIO photo

Apparently unwilling to face up to the North Carolina voters who are taking them to task each week for the extremist tea party/corporate agenda they are enacting, North Carolina legislators yesterday moved their normal Monday evening sessions back several hours to avoid the 12th Moral Monday protest at the state Capitol in Raleigh.

But once again, nearly 2,000 civil rights, union, student and other working family activists rallied yesterday evening to spotlight the legislature’s and Gov. Pat McCrory’s radical  actions, with a special emphasis on the continuing rollback of voting rights in North Carolina.   

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Women’s Issues in Spotlight at 11th Moral Monday

Photo by Joshua Mbanusi via Twitter

Braving southern summer heat, humidity and waving signs, including “First the Great Recession, Now the Great Regression,” more than 2,000 North Carolinians gathered at the state Capitol in Raleigh at the 11th Moral Monday to protest extreme actions of the legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory (R).

With the focus on women’s issues—especially women’s health care—more than 100 people, including about 70 women, were arrested for civil disobedience when they refused to leave the General Assembly building.

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11th Moral Monday Focuses on Women’s Issues

11th Moral Monday Focuses on Women’s Issues

Today’s Moral Monday action in Raleigh, N.C., will focus on women’s issues. It is the 11th Moral Monday event to protest the extreme actions of the legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory (R). Says the Rev. William Barber II, president of the North Carolina NAACP:

Women are speaking out on unemployment, poverty, Medicaid, voting rights, women's rights and education from a moral and constitutional perspective. 

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N.C. Moral Monday Draws Biggest Crowd Yet as UI Cutoff Looms

Photo by Jeremy Sprinkle, N.C. AFL-CIO

North Carolina State AFL-CIO President James Andrews says he chose the act of civil disobedience that led to his arrest and the arrests of 120 others yesterday at the state Capitol in Raleigh, N.C., because:

I stand in opposition to the immoral acts taken against the people of North Carolina by those who claim to govern in their name.

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30,000 Say ‘The Time Is Now’ for Commonsense Immigration Reform

Photo from the AFL-CIO Flickr photostream.

As the bipartisan Gang of Eight continues to draft comprehensive, commonsense immigration policy legislation, thousands of activists, families and supporters of all ages and nationalities flooded the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday for the “April 10: The Time Is Now” rally for immigration policy reform with a road map to citizenship.

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