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Trumka: JPMorgan Settlement ‘a Major Accomplishment’

Yesterday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka applauded the announcement JPMorgan Chase reached a landmark settlement with the Justice Department (see the statement after the jump).

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What Would You Do if the Bank Stole Your Home?

Wall Street wrecked the economy, and banks are still refusing to work with people who are trying to stay in their homes. The Campaign for a Fair Settlement, along with other partners,  is calling on President Obama  to champion an agenda that would:

1. Hold bankers accountable for their crimes.

2. Keep people in their homes by resetting their mortgages.

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Citigroup’s Ex-CEO Reverses Big Bank Stance

In a surprising change of heart, the ex-CEO of Citigroup, Sandy Weill, backed off his former position that there is nothing wrong with Big Banks.

Politico  reports :

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Pity the 1%! Billionaires Bemoan Criticism by ‘Imbeciles’

It’s tough these days being a member of the top 1 percent, what with all the complaints about the widening income gap and tax breaks for billionaires, not to mention the demands of the 99 percent for a little accountability. “It feels lonely…,” said John A. Allison IV, former CEO of BB&T, one of the nation’s top 10 banks, to Bloomberg News.

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Bank of America’s Unconscionable Debit Card Fee Grab

The Big Banks still don’t get it. Bank of America recently announced that it will start charging its customers $5 per month to use their debit cards. Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase are considering similar fees on their customers.

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After Three Years, Reynolds Agrees to Meet with Tobacco Workers

In a major turnaround, officials of Reynolds American, who have refused for three years to meet with representatives of tobacco workers, agreed last week to look into the labor practices in their supply chain and work with other parties, including the Farm Labor Organizing Committee ( FLOC ) to ensure they are not complicit with human rights violations.

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