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Walmart Went on the Record About What It Pays Its Workers. It Didn’t Count on Us Knowing Math

It's like telling your mother, "How dare you call me an irresponsible driver! More than half of your car is totally not crashed into a tree!" Mom wouldn't accept that sorry logic, and neither should America. 

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Black Friday Protests: Walmart Workers All Over the U.S. Stand Up for Respect on the Job

We're ready, are you?

A living wage is not too much to ask of a company that rakes in $17 billion a year. Today, thousands of Walmart associates and working families are rallying in cities all over the country on Black Friday to ask the nation's largest employer to pay a living wage and treat its employees with respect. 

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NLRB Decides to Prosecute Nationwide Violations at Walmart, AFL-CIO Commits to Backing Workers

NLRB Decides to Prosecute Nationwide Violations at Walmart, AFL-CIO Commits to Backing Workers

Making Change at Walmart, a coalition of Walmart associates, small business owners, religious leaders and other members of the community that are fighting to make change at the nation's largest employer, announced today the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will prosecute Walmart for its "widespread violations of its workers’ rights." The decision will provide additional protection for Walmart’s 1.3 million employees when they are speaking out for better jobs and working conditions. 

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Major World Markets Not Warming to Walmart

Walmart may be the world’s largest retailer, but the seemingly omnipotent company hasn’t made its way into some of the world’s largest markets, Bloomberg Businessweek reports

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Death Trap Plants Win ‘Safe’ Certifications, New AFL-CIO Report Reveals

Death Trap Plants Win ‘Safe’ Certifications, New AFL-CIO Report Reveals

Would you trust that your food is clean and uncontaminated, the plane you’re flying in airworthy or your workplace safe, if those were certified by companies counting on the profits they’ll make from your purchases, travel and labor? Of course not.

But that’s the dilemma millions of workers around the world face—often with deadly results—when it comes to their safety on the job, a new report from the AFL-CIO reveals:

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Walmart’s Waltons' Foundation Biggest Donor to ‘Parent Revolution’

This is an excerpt from “Public Schools, Private Agenda: Parent Revolution,” by Gary Cohn of Frying Pan News.

At  first glance, it is one of the nation’s hottest new education-reform movements, a seemingly populist crusade to empower poor parents and fix failing public schools. But a closer examination reveals that the “parent-trigger” movement is being heavily financed by the conservative Walton Family Foundation, one of the nation’s largest and most strident anti-union organizations, a Frying Pan News investigation has shown.


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Tears Still Should Fall for Sweatshop Abuses in Global Apparel Industry

Photo of a Bangladeshi garment worker courtesy of the Solidarity Center.

Sixteen years ago the American public and Kathie Lee Gifford were shocked when it was revealed that the Walmart clothing line that carried Gifford’s name was manufactured—unbeknownst to her—under sweatshop conditions by Honduran children working 20 hours a day. She burst into tears when shown undercover footage of the factories, and consumer support for new rules and labor standards for imported clothing grew.   

But now, writes Jake Blumgart in a Salon series of articles on workers and workplace issues brought to you by the AFL-CIO, “nothing much has changed.“

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Walmart's Job Offer to Vets Needs Context

Photo courtesy of

The wrong way to greet our military veterans as they return to civilian life after defending the nation would be offering an $8.81 an hour part-time job with little to no benefits.

Walmart CEO Bill Simon said this morning at the National Retail Federation conference that starting Memorial Day, Walmart would offer honorably discharged veterans jobs. Simon pledges to hire 100,000 vets over the next five years. Right now, it's unclear if these Walmart jobs would be full-time or offer adequate benefits. 

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The History of Labor Activism at Walmart

Photo courtesy Ron Dauphin

For those interested in learning more about the state of labor activism at Walmart and how worker-employer relations got to this point at the nation's biggest employer, read Josh Eidelson's latest article in The Nation, The Great Walmart Walkout. Eidelson also examines Walmart's effect on local communities and the supply chain that provides the company's products.

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Shoppers, Walmart Strikers Find Common Bonds in Paducah

Photo by Berry Craig

Berry Craig, recording secretary for the Paducah-based Western Kentucky AFL-CIO Area Council and a professor of history at West Kentucky Community and Technical College, is a former daily newspaper and Associated Press columnist and currently a member of AFT Local 1360. Craig sends us this follow-up to his Nov. 21 story 

The manager at the Southside Walmart in Paducah, Ky., might have figured he’d quashed the protest at his store. After all, he made James Vetato and three other OUR Walmart picketers leave from near the front door.

The quartet retreated but regrouped at the entrance road to the busy shopping center the Walmart store anchors.

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