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Executive Council Creates Labor Commission on Racial and Economic Justice

“America’s legacy of racism and racial injustice has been and continues to be a fundamental obstacle to workers’ efforts to act together to build better lives for all of us,” says the AFL-CIO Executive Council in a statement announcing the creation of a Labor Commission on Racial and Economic Justice.

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Better Vision

Better Vision

Washington continues in its stalemate, with a hidebound Republican establishment clinging in death throws to some ancient regime of plutocratic rule. The nation is left without vision for a way out of the current economic malaise that, if unchecked, will deepen inequality and cement the fate of the “middle class state.”

This week marks 49 years since President Lyndon B. Johnson delivered the commencement address at Howard University. By looking at his words, we see the vision others had and how our compromises have us stumbling instead of leaping forward. We can’t move forward if our language does not force results. In an era of rising inequality, settling for “equality of opportunity” is not a vision for moving forward. Here's what Johnson said on June 4, 1965:

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Obama Seeks to Restore Overtime Pay for Millions of Workers Denied Under Bush-Era Rules

Pete Souza. The Official White House Photostream/Wikimedia

In 2004, President George W. Bush, at the urging of business groups, used his executive powers to change overtime eligibility rules and allow businesses to deny overtime for millions of workers. Tomorrow, President Barack Obama is expected to announce that he will direct the Labor Department to update overtime eligibility rules to restore overtime protection that workers have lost to inflation since 1975. 

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Obama Budget ‘Good Starting Point’ to Address Income Inequality

President Barack Obama today unveiled his fiscal year 2015 budget, which he says is “about choices, it’s about our values.” Making a down payment on his State of the Union address message that economic inequality is the greatest challenge of our time, he says:

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What Does AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Want to Hear in the State of the Union Address?

What Does AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Want to Hear in the State of the Union Address?

In tomorrow night’s State of the Union address, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka wants to hear President Barack Obama outline a “serious plan” to raise the minimum wage and create good jobs through education and infrastructure investments; a blueprint to end economic inequality; and an end to separating immigrant families from each other through deportation.

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How We Got Economic Inequality and Why the President Needs to Talk About It

Photo courtesy of All-Nite Images/Flickr

On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama is going to give his fifth State of the Union address. The president is likely to call for policies that will help working people, like an increase in the minimum wage and the extension of unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed workers.    

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Protect the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has done crucial work to safeguard Americans against the deceptive and abusive practices of big banks, student loan servicers, credit card companies and predatory lenders. Tell Congress to protect this important agency.

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