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AFT Pledges to Support Immigrants in Face of Trump Presidency

AFT Pledges to Support Immigrants in Face of Trump Presidency

In the wake of Donald Trump winning the presidency after a campaign that often targeted and scapegoated immigrants, Latinos and Muslims, the AFT has pledged to take concrete action to assist these groups, with a particular emphasis on assisting and defending undocumented students. AFT President Randi Weingarten said the AFT will "do everything in our power to stop any kind of action against our immigrant families, our Muslim families, our Latino families and especially our undocumented students."

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Election 2016: The Year of Women Voters

Photo of Liz Shuler and Bricklayers. Photo courtesy of Prairie Wells, Bricklayers Union.

Women have the power to be the difference in this election cycle. A deeper look into races on the federal and state levels show women as a pivotal vote in 2016.  For the past several election cycles, we’ve heard a lot about soccer moms and unmarried women helping determine the election cycle. Soccer moms represent the swing vote, while unmarried women turn out disproportionately for Democrats—that is, when they vote. This election cycle, Republican college-educated women are running away from Donald Trump, and we are hearing lots of discussion about the voting expectations for non-college white men and women, the working people of America.

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Working Families Speak Out on Friedrichs Case

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka joins a growing chorus of working family representatives who have spoken out about the case of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, which will go before the Supreme Court in January. Greedy CEOs and wealthy special interests want to manipulate the rules in their favor and make it harder for teachers, firefighters, nurses and other public servants to join together and fight for working families. A bad decision from the court could limit working people's ability to negotiate better wages, benefits and working conditions.

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Education Company Pearson Spies on Students' Social Media Accounts

Education Company Pearson Spies on Students' Social Media Accounts

While Pearson doesn't publish George Orwell's "1984," it sure seems like the education publishing and testing giant is using the classic novel as a blueprint for running its testing programs these days. Ostensibly to prevent cheating, Pearson has been spying on the social media accounts of students and reporting activity they find as questionable to local school administrators, according to recent news stories. The story broke when the superintendent of a New Jersey school emailed her colleagues after discovering the monitoring. The AFT has since reacted with shock and is calling upon Pearson to end the practice.

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Biden: 'Unions Are the Reason We Have the Best Workers in the World'

Vice President Joe Biden headlined a diverse group of leaders who spoke at the Career and Technical Education Workforce Development Summit yesterday, an event sponsored by the AFL-CIO and AFT. Biden was joined by Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez and numerous labor, business and community leaders who spoke to a packed house.

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Teachers Convene at National Convention in Los Angeles

Photo courtesy @Social_ChAN_ge Twitter

Starting tomorrow in Los Angeles, teachers from all around the country will be arriving in Los Angeles for the AFT convention. AFT President Randi Weingarten will preside over a convention that will feature speakers like Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.); Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.); California Gov. Jerry Brown; Tom Torlakson, who is running for California superintendent of public instruction against an opponent funded by corporate "reformers"; the Rev. William Barber, the driving force behind North Carolina's Moral Mondays; and, most importantly, the teachers who work hard every day to educate the country's future generations. The convention runs through Monday morning.

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Help Randi Weingarten Make the Case for Due Process for Teachers

Photo courtesy Cybrarian77 on Flickr

At the U.S. News and World Report’s Debate ClubAFT President Randi Weingarten makes a very clear case for why all teachers need strong due-process protections, most notably to allow them the flexibility to innovate and discover new and exciting ways to reach their students. In sharp contrast to the arguments made by corporate-education proponents such as Michelle Rhee (who is also featured in the Debate Club), Weingarten highlights why due-process rights for teachers are beneficial to students and the communities they live in.

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