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Mondays with ALEC: Education

Mondays with ALEC: Education

In the latest installment of a regular Monday series, is highlighting the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its agenda on education. ALEC pursues an extreme corporate agenda in state legislatures, directly attacking the rights of working families. In the recent decades the organization has been operating, they have had successes in rolling back the rights of America's workers on a variety of issues. In the past few years, though, broad efforts have been made to push back against the ALEC agenda and while there have been a lot of victories, more work needs to be done. Raising awareness about the organization is a big part of that, and Mondays with ALEC is an effort toward that goal.

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Trumka: Climate Change Solutions Must Emphasize Job Creation

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka released the following statement on President Obama’s climate change initiatives that he announced yesterday.   

We welcome President Obama’s announcement yesterday that he will work closely with all stakeholders, including labor and business leaders, as well as state governments, as he develops an ambitious plan to address climate change, advance new energy-efficient technology, and create good jobs. As President Obama said in the State of the Union address, the best way to address the twin problems of climate change and a weak economy is for Congress to pass comprehensive energy legislation.

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Climate Talks and Workers’ Rights in Qatar

Climate Talks and Workers’ Rights in Qatar

Bob Baugh is the executive director of the AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council and serves as chair of the federation’s Energy Task Force and as the liaison to the International Trade Union Confederation's (ITUC's) Climate Working Group. He is at the United Nations climate talks with the ITUC delegation.

The trade unions of the world have come to the Climate of the Parties (COP) 18, the 2012 U.N. climate talks in Doha, to speak out for workers’ rights and to promote a global climate agreement. The AFL-CIO and the ITUC have worked to promote a Just Transition agenda within a new climate accord that recognizes the need for good jobs, decent work and a democratic voice for workers and communities. Decent work is a recognized set of international standards that includes the right to organize, collective bargaining and for a safe and healthy work environment.

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Climate Change Battle Plan Must Include Workers, Communities, Investors, Enviros

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told more than 400 leading investors at the Investor Summit on Climate Risk & Energy Solutions at the United Nations today that “The American labor movement is in the problem-solving business—looking for profitable investment opportunities that address climate risk and create jobs.”

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It’s Undeniable: U.S. Chamber and Climate Deniers Share Warm Relationship

We all know that the Chamber of Commerce comes down on the wrong side of just about every issue that matters for working families. But here’s a staggering statistic to show you just how far out of the mainstream the Chamber swims.

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