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Executive Council Calls for Strong Voting Rights Act Repair, Salutes VW Workers, Moves to Increase Young Workers’ Voices

Photo va Adios Arpaio Facebook page

In statements adopted Wednesday at its annual winter meeting in Houston, the AFL-CIO Executive Council:

  • Called for the restoration of the Voting Rights Act that the U.S. Supreme Court weakened in a 2013 decision;
  • Vowed its continued support for Tennessee Volkswagen workers and condemned the actions of extremist politicians and outside groups in the recent union election; and
  • Set steps to involve more young workers in all levels of the AFL-CIO.   

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Supreme Court Upholds Restriction on RNC Program that Supresses the Vote in Communities of Color

Photo from a voter registration event in Philadelphia.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to lift 30-year restrictions on a Republican National Committee (RNC) program that intimidates voters in communities of color. The Supreme Court did not comment on this decision. 

The restriction came about after the Democratic National Committee (DNC) sued the RNC for enlisting off-duty sheriffs and police officers to patrol polling places in minority precincts in New Jersey during a 1981 gubernatorial election. The next year, the RNC agreed not to carry out some programs it claimed were designed to combat voter fraud and to have the other reviewed by a federal court.

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Make a Plan to Vote

Photo courtesy of I Love Milwaukee

There are only a few days left to vote in what AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka calls the most important election of our lifetimes.

Tuesday is the last day to vote. Do you know where your polling place is? You have a busy schedule, do you need a reminder on Election Day? Have you made sure that all your friends and family are voting, too? Have you made a plan to vote?

If you make a plan to vote, you’ll actually be more likely to vote. Makes sense, right?

And we have the tools to help you.

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Victory for Voting Rights, Clear Channel Takes Down Voter Intimidation Billboards

Victory for Voting Rights, Clear Channel Takes Down Voter Intimidation Billboards

Bowing to a huge public outcry, communications conglomerate Clear Channel has agreed to take down more than 100 billboards in predominately African American and Latino neighborhoods in Ohio and Wisconsin designed, say voting rights and civil rights groups, to intimidate voters and suppress the vote.   

Also, the company has agreed to post new messages on billboards in those Cleveland, Columbus and Milwaukee neighborhoods encouraging people to exercise their right to vote.

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Iowa Judge Halts Rules Restricting Voting Aimed at New Citizens

Iowa Judge Halts Rules Restricting Voting Aimed at New Citizens

Voters scored another victory against the growing voter suppression efforts by Republican lawmakers when an Iowa judge ruled that new state election rules imposed without any public hearings could not be implemented. Polk County District Court Judge Mary Pat Gunderson said the new rules:

have created fear that new citizens will lose their right to vote.

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Texas, Florida Voter Suppression Attempts Roadblocked

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit this afternoon blocked Texas’ new voter ID law, ruling that it discriminated against minority voters. Yesterday in Florida, a federal judge struck down what he called "harsh and impractical" restrictions on voter registration imposed by a voter suppression law signed by Gov. Rick Scott (R) in 2011.

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A Chilling Look at Voter Supression in Ohio

A Chilling Look at Voter Supression in Ohio

A sobering analysis at dissects the four-pronged effort by the Ohio Republican Party to steal the 2012 presidential election.
Authors Bob Fitrakis and Bob Wasserman conclude that because Ohio is a pivotal state in deciding the winner,

if they get away with it, the Ohio GOP could make it virtually impossible for Barack Obama to carry Ohio this November.

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Immigration Action and Its Troubling Effects on Children

Immigration Action and Its Troubling Effects on Children

Imagine if you were a child and living in constant fear of losing your parents.

For many children of aspiring citizens, potential loss of one or both parents is a day-to-day reality. Deportations can force children into foster care when their parents are shipped out of the country and leave single mothers struggling to make ends meet.

A new Center for American Progress report highlights how deportations break up families and negatively affect the entire community.

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Ohio Officials Ratchet Up Voter Suppression Campaign

AFL-CIO Ohio and community groups protest the end of weekend voting directive today.

One Ohio election official said he frankly doesn’t care if the state’s attempt to curtail weekend early voting hours suppresses voting by minority and low-income voters. Meanwhile, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted suspended and will try to fire two county election officials who had the audacity to oppose his voter suppression tactics

Ohio AFL-CIO is protesting outside Husted's office today. They will march from Husted's office to the Franklin County Board of Elections for its meeting at 3 p.m. For more photos of the protest and updates, visit Ohio AFL-CIO's Facebook page here

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