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Trump Seems to Be Fine with Outsourcing to Right to Work States

Trump Seems to Be Fine with Outsourcing to Right to Work States

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump trashed the North American Free Trade Agreement and outsourcing in his Hoosier primary victory speech, which was typically long on style and short on substance. “We’re going to bring back our jobs and we’re going to keep our jobs,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee bloviated. "We’re not going to let companies leave.”

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Hardin County, Ky., Working Families File Lawsuit to Block Local 'Right to Work' Ordinance

One of the newest tactics pushed by anti-working family extremists is to attempt to pass "right to work" laws at the local government level, and Kentucky is one of the first battlegrounds for this new approach to attacking workers. Several counties have passed such ordinances even though the out-of-state interests behind the efforts can't get such laws passed at the state level. But Hardin County's working families aren't taking the attacks without fighting back, and are taking the recently passed law in Hardin County to court, arguing that it is illegal.

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