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Extremists Going 'All In' to Make Missouri the Most Anti-Worker State in the U.S. We Can Change That

Extremists Going 'All In' to Make Missouri the Most Anti-Worker State in the U.S. We Can Change That

Extremists in the Missouri House are pushing for legislation that would hurt working families, importing a national agenda that faces bipartisan opposition in the state. Despite claims made by the proponents of the legislation, paycheck deception and "right to work" for less bills wouldn't help the states' workers and would limit the rights of those workers.

If you're in Missouri, call your state representatives at 888-825-1418 and tell them to oppose "right to work" H.B. 1770.

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Pa. County Commissioners’ Group Withdraws Paycheck Deception Resolution

Image via Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Facebook page.

Pennsylvania working families and their allies took a big step last week in their fight to stop paycheck deception legislation. Following a statewide mobilization aimed at county commissioners, one of the most influential groups supporting the anti-union bill backed off, significantly slowing momentum for the legislation.

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The Extremists in Missouri Are at It Again

The Extremists in Missouri Are at It Again

Legislators in Missouri are on the attack against working families again. And if they're successful this time, they could put police, firefighters, nurses and teachers in danger.

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Pennsylvania Republicans Push to 'Protect' Paychecks...from Higher Salaries and Benefits

Photo courtesy Pennsylvania AFL-CIO

Pennsylvania Republicans are pushing falsely titled "paycheck protection" legislation that would take away rights from workers and keep them from having good wages and benefits. The legislation would hamper workers’ ability to organize unions and represent themselves in negotiations with employers, leaving them open to any number of assaults on salary, benefits and working conditions. The legislation would prevent the deduction of union dues from public employee paychecks and is supported by groups related to the infamous Koch brothers, wealthy extremists who are behind many attacks against working families across the nation.

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8 Ways That ALEC Is Targeting Working Families

Photo courtesy Mentatmark

Information about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) working in secret to push state-level policy to more extreme levels is coming to light more and more and America's working families are starting to stand up to the group's corporate-driven agenda. While ALEC's agenda is all over the policy map, the organization has a particular focus on pushing new laws that attack working families and undercut the rights of workers, both in the workplace and in retirement.  Here are eight of the most dangerous and most widespread ways that ALEC is targeting workers and their right to a voice on the job.

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Missouri Governor Vetoes Paycheck Deception Bill

Photo courtesy MoDOT

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) vetoed a paycheck deception bill, saying the bill targeted a single group of employees and would have placed an undue burden on them. The legislation would've required that employees provide, on an annual basis, a written authorization for both withholding of union dues and for the authorization of the use of that money for political purposes.

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In the States Roundup for May 22

Photo of Gov. Jay Nixon, courtesy AFL-CIO

Here's a look at some of the key battles in the states over the past week.

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Mo. House Passes Paycheck Deception, but Veto Expected

The American Legislative Exchange Council, its corporate backers and extremist Missouri lawmakers may have won the first round in their drive to silence working people with a paycheck deception bill, when the House gave it final approval (86-69) earlier this week.

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EPI: Missouri's Paycheck Deception Bills Not Necessary to Protect Workers

new report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) shows that two Missouri paycheck deception bills are not necessary to protect workers and they would limit the free speech and political spending of unions and organized workers, while allowing unlimited corporate spending on political causes. 

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Don't Believe Us? Hear It from Workers: Missouri's Paycheck Deception Bill Is Bad for Working Families

Missouri's working families are speaking out about a paycheck deception bill that is moving through the state legislature.  We Are Missouri launched a new Tumblr blog, Working Voices, that showcases personal messages from Missouri working families to their elected representatives, asking them to reject the anti-worker agenda of the state legislature.  In this year's session, Republicans in the legislature have pursued an agenda that includes paycheck deception, attacks on prevailing wage laws, and "right to work" for less proposals that are part of what We Are Missouri describes as a larger national plan to assault the rights of workers.

Listen to teachers and utility, grocery store and factory workers (and more) talk about how paycheck deception will hurt working people. 

Check out We Are Missouri's Working Voices Tumblr for more stories

We Are Missouri is asking state residents to call their state representatives and tell them to reject the paycheck deception bill at 1-888-907-9711.

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