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What if I Told You There Was a Way to Add $500 Billion to the U.S. Economy Annually?

There is. It involves reducing the U.S. trade deficit, which hovers around that $500 billion mark. Dave Johnson of Campaign for America's Future asks you to think about how that money could be spent.

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Republicans Accuse Labor Nominee of Fighting for Civil Rights

Where does the Republican Party put its energy? On anything that furthers the interests of the wealthiest. Tax cuts and kicking government are right at the top of that list.* Also near the top comes blocking minimum wage increases, blocking workplace safety rules and keeping lots of people unemployed so they are desperate to take any nasty, dirty, low-paying job, etc. But next to tax cuts and keeping the government from operating, Republicans fight to keep unions from being able to organize because the power of working people acting together collectively begins to challenge the power of concentrated wealth that corporations represent. To this end, Republicans hate and fight the Labor Department and, now, the new nominee for secretary of labor.

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Dave Johnson: So Can We Focus on Jobs NOW?

America Wants to Work.

Congress and the media paid homage to the agenda of the billionaires and Wall Street, with the manufactured “fiscal cliff” PR campaign frenzy that just ended. So now can we get back to the country’s priorities? Can we talk about jobs now?

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Corporations Demand Tax Holiday for Wealthy That Didn’t Work Before

The nation’s richest are trying to sell us on yet another shell game to keep from paying their fair share of taxes. Their lobbyists are pushing a so-called repatriation tax holiday—a huge cut in the tax rate on money companies are holding outside of the country.

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