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Government Shutdown Threatens Enforcement of Workplace Discrimination Laws

The AFGE local union that represents 2,100 federal workers at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)—the federal agency that enforces the Civil Rights Act and the other laws barring workplace discrimination—has urged Congress to avoid a government shutdown.

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Bully Bosses

Dear David has answers to your workplace problems.

Bully Bosses originally appeared on Working America's Dear David workplace advice column:


The managers and directors at my office threaten to fire employees for things that are personal and nonwork-related. I’ve been called stupid and had something thrown at me by my boss. The president of the company travels 99% of the time, so these higher-ups do not have to answer to anyone. I've looked up workplace bullying to find that it does not fall under Title VII, nor is it acknowledged at all. How can employees defend themselves against these threats? Why is bullying not allowed in schools but is allowed in the workplace? What gives managers and directors the right to viciously attack employees? Can you help? Thanks so much.

—Standing Up, Connecticut

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Why Marriage Equality Matters to America's Unions and Working Families

Photo courtesy of Pride at Work's Facebook page.

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments in cases that could lead to marriage equality for same-sex couples, an issue of particular importance to working families and America's union members. 

"Working people believe in equality and fairness and that’s why we are happy to stand with millions of Americans and with President Obama in supporting marriage equality," said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in a statement. "LGBT working people face numerous inequities in the workplace and in society as they struggle to care for their families."

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AFL-CIO Files Supreme Court Amicus Briefs to Support Marriage Equality

Last week, the AFL-CIO, along with the National Education Association (NEA) and Change to Win, filed amicus briefs challenging the constitutionality of California's Prop. 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Same sex couples do not have the same access to workplace and health care benefits and the AFL-CIO supports equal rights. 

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10 Reasons All Workers Benefit from Fixing the Immigration System

Workers' Defense Project Photo

The AFL-CIO and America’s union movement, along with a broad coalition of other groups, is mounting a new campaign to build a common-sense immigration process that includes a road map to citizenship and one that guarantees immigrant workers the same workplace rights and protections all workers deserve.

We know that immigration reform can be a controversial issue among our union members and all workers. But immigration reform with a path to citizenship and workplace rights doesn’t just benefit aspiring citizens and their families, it's good for all workers. Here are 10 reasons why. 

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Workplace Advice: Passed Over

Workplace Advice: Passed Over

Passed Over is a cross-post from Working America’s Dear David workplace advice column. David knows you deserve to be treated fairly on the job and he’s available to answer your questions, whether it is co-workers making off-handed comments that you should retire or you feel like your job's long hours are causing stress.


I have been working for a company for about two years. The company recently acquired another company. There were many layoffs as the companies merged. I was moved over to another department. A director-level position was created in this new department and someone was given the promotion. The rest of us never knew about the position and certainly didn't have a chance to apply for it. The person receiving the promotion has a lot less experience and qualifications for the job. When I confronted his boss about this, he minimized the importance of the role. Is it legal to promote someone into a new position without allowing others to apply, especially if the person who was promoted is less qualified?

—Pamela, Massachusetts

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Workplace Advice: Can't Stand It

Workplace Advice: Can't Stand It

Can't Stand It is a cross-post from Working America’s Dear David workplace advice column. David knows you deserve to be treated fairly on the job and he’s available to answer your questions, whether it is co-workers making off-handed comments that you should retire or you feel like your job's long hours are causing stress.


Are there any laws that protect workers who are required to stand all day? For example, I noticed that the pharmacists at a large chain drug store aren't allowed to sit at their computers and must stand all day. I asked some of the workers about it, and they said that they end up suffering leg pain as a result. Do OSHA standards apply here? Can anything be done about it? It seems as if this would be an issue that would affect a lot of other workers in the service industry, such as those who work in hair salons.

—Anthony, New York

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T-Mobile Workers' Struggle to Gain a Voice on the Job Resonates Across the Globe

T-Mobile, the telecom company that earlier this year closed seven call centers in the United States and shipped more than 3,300 jobs overseas, is running its remaining U.S. call center operations under what workers describe as a “climate of tyranny,” says Lothar Schroeder of German union ver.di, which represents workers at Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s parent company. Schroeder spoke with Reuters


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Do I have to Sign a Waiver that I Won’t Join a Union?

Image courtesy of Working America,

This is a cross-post from Working America’s Dear David workplace advice column.


I just started a new job at a major national retailer as a sales associate in the housewares department. I’m grateful for the job, but during orientation, I was instructed to sign a waiver that said I wouldn’t join a union. My manager said that we don’t need unions here because the workers already have everything they need. But I happen to know that there’s a national effort to unionize my company. I don’t think they can require me to sign the release, but no one told me it was optional, and I’m worried that if I refuse to sign it, I’ll be flagged as a liability risk and possibly passed up for advancement opportunities. What do you recommend? See answer at the jump. 

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Problems at Work? Dear David Can Help

Dear David is an advice columnist at Working America ready to answer your job questions.

Dear Abby’s got nothing on Dear David when it comes to navigating the workplace.

Dear David, Working America’s advice columnist, knows you deserve to be treated fairly on the job. And he’s available to answer any question you may have, whether it's co-workers making off-handed comments that you should retire or you feel like your job’s long hours are causing stress.

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