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Salon Recognizes Editorial Staff Move to Join Writers Guild of America, East

Editorial staff at, the progressive digital media news company, voted unanimously to unionize, and Salon's management has agreed to recognize the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE), as the collective bargaining representative for those staffers. Workers voted to unionize last month, and negotiations for the first collective bargaining agreement for Salon's editorial staff is expected to begin promptly, according to WGAE. 

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McHelp Me! McDonald’s Pushes Welfare, Not Wages

McDonald’s can’t say it doesn’t know it pays its workers so little that many of them qualify for public assistance (52% of fast-food workers do) to eat, go to the doctor or heat their homes. In fact, the burger giant appears to encourage its employees to seek out government help to meet the ends that their paychecks won’t.

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Walmart: Portrait of a Job Killer

Making Change at Walmart, photo via Facebook

Whenever communities, lawmakers or activists question or criticize Walmart for the way it treats workers—the low-pay, the stores’ impact on the communities—the retail giant pulls out a well-worn script with a simple message, “Walmart creates jobs and if there’s one thing this economy needs, it’s more jobs.”   

Setting aside the quality of the jobs for another day, is Walmart telling the truth?

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Tears Still Should Fall for Sweatshop Abuses in Global Apparel Industry

Photo of a Bangladeshi garment worker courtesy of the Solidarity Center.

Sixteen years ago the American public and Kathie Lee Gifford were shocked when it was revealed that the Walmart clothing line that carried Gifford’s name was manufactured—unbeknownst to her—under sweatshop conditions by Honduran children working 20 hours a day. She burst into tears when shown undercover footage of the factories, and consumer support for new rules and labor standards for imported clothing grew.   

But now, writes Jake Blumgart in a Salon series of articles on workers and workplace issues brought to you by the AFL-CIO, “nothing much has changed.“

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Salon: Can Unions Save the Creative Class?

Artists are finding it harder and harder to get it time for them to strap on a hard hat and form unions? Salon writer Scott Timberg asks this question in his new article, Can Unions Save the Creative Class? This article is part of a Salon series brought to you by the AFL-CIO.

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Walmart Workers Continue Demand for Change

Wal-Mart workers protest in Bentonville. Photo via TwitPic

Workers at Walmart are continuing their actions to win respect and bring change to Walmart , with a demonstration today outside Walmart’s Bentonville, Ark., headquarters and with strikes yesterday by workers at stores in Dallas; Seattle; Miami; Sacramento, Calif.; Orlando, Fla.; and in the Chicago and Washington areas.

Colby Harris, who earns $8.90 an hour after three years working at a Walmart in Lancaster, Texas, told The New York Times:

We’re protesting because we want better working conditions and better wages and because we want them to stop retaliating against associates who exercise their right to talk about what’s going on in their stores.

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SoCal Wal-Mart Workers Strike

Los Angeles County Federation of Labor photo.

For the first time in history, Wal-Mart workers have gone on strike. Workers participating in the one-day strike at several Southern California stores say they are striking to protest attempts by Wal-Mart to silence and retaliate against associates who speak out about working conditions, low-pay, lack of respect and other issues that plague workers at the notorious anti-union retail giant.

While the striking workers are not union members, they have joined together in OUR Wal-Mart, a worker-led organization that stands up to make change in its company.

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Joan Walsh at the AFL-CIO Oct. 3: What's the Matter with White People?

What’s the Matter with White People? By Joan Walsh

Many Americans long for a golden age that "never was," writes Salon columnist and MSNBC political analyst Joan Walsh in her new book, What’s the Matter with White People? The book explores the four-decades-old scapegoat politics of right-wing culture warriors who blame people of color, the LGBT community, feminists, immigrants and union members for the decline of the middle class, while distracting from the real culprits. 

Please join us Wednesday for a discussion with Walsh and a book signing. Books will be available for purchase.

Where: AFL-CIO

815 16th St., N.W., Washington, D.C.

When: Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1 p.m.

Bring your lunch—drinks will be provided.

RSVP here

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Will Rep. Cantor Rake in Massive Windfall if Government Defaults?

When Republicans walked out of budget talks last week, short-circuiting efforts to ensure the federal government does not default on its loans, the Republicans’ chief budget negotiator, Eric Cantor, led the way. Now in a stunning revelation, Salon reports that Cantor may have a vested interest in making sure the government defaults on its loans–he stands to gain substantial sums of money if it does.

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