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New Online Database Makes It Easier to Fight Corporate Crime

New Online Database Makes It Easier to Fight Corporate Crime

BP was charged with $25 billion in environmental, health and safety penalties since 2010. The oil and gas industry overall paid more in these kinds of penalties than any other industry—nearly $32 billion since 2010, followed by pharmaceutical ($13 billion), utility/power generation companies ($3 billion) and the auto and chemical industries.

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D.C. Workers Missing Out on Construction Boom

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Unlike other major cities where local construction workers share the benefits of a building boom and make up a large portion of the construction workforce, residents of the District of Columbia are grossly underrepresented on area construction sites where suburban residents hold a disproportionate share of the jobs, according to a new report.

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New Study Shatters ALEC, Laffer Economic Myths

Photo of Arthur Laffer courtesy of the House Republican Conference

A new study of proposals from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) shows that policies the organization promotes do more to harm the economy than help it, despite the claims of the group's lead researcher and author, Arthur Laffer. States that are highly rated in ALEC's annual Rich States, Poor States report actually do worse economically than states ALEC rates poorly, according to Selling Snake Oil to the States, by Good Jobs First.

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Are Your Tax Dollars Paying Your Boss?

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A new study finds that nearly $700 million a year in state income taxes withheld from workers’ paychecks in 16 states is being used to provide lavish subsidies to corporations, rather than paying for vital public services. Workers likely believe their state taxes are going to fund schools, repair roads or pay for police and fire protection. But not so, says Paying Taxes to the Boss: How a Growing Number of States Subsidize Companies with the Withholding Taxes of Workers,” a study released today by Good Jobs First.

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Report: Ohio Subsidized Job Flight From Hard-Hit Cities to Suburbs

States regularly give companies tax breaks in return for creating jobs. But in Ohio, officials gave big tax breaks to 164 companies that took their jobs out of the most depressed inner city areas of Cincinnati and Cleveland and moved them to the affluent suburbs, according top a new report.

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