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#NotRecovered:Telling Our Stories About the Economy

#NotRecovered:Telling Our Stories About the Economy

Maybe the economy has “recovered” for the comfortably wealthy—but not so much for regular working people, who still contend with high unemployment and stagnant—or falling—wages. Yet conservatives in Congress are determined to destroy the safety net progressive and union activists have worked hard to expand since the recession began.

Working people need Congress to focus on jobs, not cuts. So the Oregon AFL-CIO is lifting up the voices of working families, and everyone is invited to help.

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Oregon Working Families Rally for Citizenship in Last Leg of 50-Mile Walk

Photo via Oregon AFL-CIO Flickr

A three-day 50-mile walk for citizenship that started in Madras, Ore., ended in Bend at Rep. Greg Walden's (R-Ore.) office, where working families urged a vote on the bipartisan Senate immigration bill with a road map to citizenship. 

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Oregon Organizing Project: Union Cooperation Means Workers Win

Oregon Organizing Project: Union Cooperation Means Workers Win

After watching the continued decline in the number of Oregon workers winning a voice at work, the Oregon AFL-CIO “decided to do something different,” says state federation President Tom Chamberlain. That something different was unions working together. Since late 2011, Oregon unions have been able to craft a number of significant victories for workers who want a voice on the job. Says Chamberlain:

By working together, we have achieved something phenomenal.

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Oregon Unions Work Together to Help Head Start Workers Win a Voice on the Job

Mount Hood Community College Head Start workers and supporters. Oregon AFL-CIO photo.

The joint effort known as the “Oregon Organizing Project” has helped more than 3,000 Oregon workers win a voice on the job in the past several months. In the most recent campaign, several Oregon unions pitched in and worked together to help more than 300 Head Start workers at Mount Hood Community College who wanted to form a union to address serious workplace concerns.

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Union Members Raise Voices for Commonsense Immigration Reform, Path to Citizenship

Several hundred union, immigrant and community activists rallied in Seattle on Monday and called for comprehensive, commonsense immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for more than 11 million aspiring citizens.

The Seattle action was one of more than a dozen events that are the kickoff of the AFL-CIO’s immigration reform campaign

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Organizing Victories in Portland Energize Oregon's Working Families

Organizing victory for cab drivers in Portland, Ore.

While Oregonians exercised power at the polls in the 2012 elections Tuesday, workers in Portland also were gearing up for another election that would give them a powerful voice on the job.

After electoral wins across the state and three successful organizing drives in the past three months, full-time, part-time and extra board paratransit drivers and dispatchers with First Transit Region 3 voted Wednesday to form their own union with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 757. By an overwhelming margin, 160 employees voted to form the union in the election yesterday, which was conducted by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

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Union Summer: Turning Organizing Theory into Practice

Lesley Salinas, a Union Summer intern, practicing house calls with the Oregon School Employees Assocation (OSEA).

Organizing and mobilization, in theory, is one thing; it’s a whole different ballgame in practice.

After a week of orientation at the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, D.C., Union Summer interns in Portland, Ore., are applying the theories they learned to the hands-on work they do on-site.

Intern Lesley Salinas explains:

The time spent in Washington I classify as 'theory’ versus the hands-on training that I have been involved in locally in the community. During the training, I was given a lot of information that has been truly useful during these Union Summer weeks.

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Hug a Union ‘Thug’: Here’s What You Say

Hug a Union ‘Thug’: Here’s What You Say

AFL-CIO blog readers and our Facebook community loved the story about the Oregon AFL-CIO turning the right-wing characterization of unions as "thugs" on its head by setting up three “Hug-a-Thug” stations in Portland, Ore., parks where passersby received hugs from Letter Carrier Willie Groshell (NALC) and members of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Leah Okin and Patrick Landers.

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Laughter Works—Take a Look

Looking for a laugh? Take a look at our new video—yes, it is suitable for work—from last month’s Laughter Works comedy show in Portland, Ore. The show was part of a three-day event, organized by the Oregon AFL-CIO and Laughing Liberally, to showcase strategies for infusing activism with comedy.

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Laughter and Activism Work Together in Portland

Work—and laughter—does connect us all and that couldn’t have been more true than Sunday night in Portland, Ore., when the comedians of Laughter Works Comedy tour took the stage before a full house at the Helium Club.

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