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Five Reasons Walmart's New 'Commitment' to American Manufacturing is Nonsense

Five Reasons Walmart's New 'Commitment' to American Manufacturing is Nonsense

Walmart is hosting a manufacturing summit in Denver this week as part of its new program to supposedly invest in products made in America for its stores across the country. The retailer is claiming its new plan will invest $250 billion over the next decade and create 1 million jobs. We're not buying it.

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Texans Say No to Steel Dumping, Yes to Jobs

AAM photo

More than 1,000 United Steelworkers (USW) members, their families, allies, lawmakers and U.S. Steel Corp. officials rallied Monday outside the company’s Lone Star, Texas, plant to spotlight the dumping by foreign manufacturers of specialty steel products vital to energy production and to urge the U.S. Commerce Department to enforce the nation’s anti-dumping trade laws.

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The Simpsons Figured It Out: There are Plenty of Reasons to Expand Public Transit

A recent episode of "The Simpsons" shed some new light on the public transit system in Springfield, USA. According to the Atlantic Cities blog, the last we saw of the Springfield Transit Authority’s subway system—a simplistic loop, reminiscent of Detroit’s People Mover—it was mostly out of service.

And while this subway might not have a place in fans’ hearts like its poorly planned Monorail does…

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WaPo Asks: 'Made in America' Manufacturing Revival?

The Washington Post today published a special section—in print and on the Web—about what some say is a resurgence of “Made in America” manufacturing.

In the section’s anchor piece, Brad Plumer writes that some U.S. firms have “reshored” their manufacturing operations in the United States and that even some Chinese companies have located new plants here. He cites a narrowing wage gap between U.S. workers and their foreign counterparts, lower energy and transportation costs and automation as key drivers in moving manufacturing to the United States.

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Murphy Says, ‘Make It in America’

Photo by Srqpix/Clyde Robinson/ Flickr

Freshman Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) says one of his top priorities in the Senate is advancing a “Make It in America” jobs agenda. Murphy, who founded the House “Buy American” Caucus, outlined that agenda in a conference call Wednesday sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future and the Alliance for American Manufacturing

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Catastrophic Events Even Riskier with Manufacturing’s Decline

Photo by USACEpublic affairs/Flickr

Whether it's a Katrina-like hurricane, major earthquake or devastating terrorist attack, the decline in America’s industrial manufacturing base and the nation’s reliance on foreign suppliers for goods formerly made in the U.S.A. threatens our ability to prevent, repair and recover from a major catastrophe, a new report reveals.

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Poll: 83% of U.S. Voters Negatively View Corporations that Outsource to China

Poll: 83% of U.S. Voters Negatively View Corporations that Outsource to China

U.S. voters across the political spectrum overwhelming have negative views of companies that outsource jobs to China and strongly support Buy America provisions, according to a poll released today by the Alliance for American Manufacturing. Voters also say strengthening manufacturing in the United States is a top economic priority and they back the creation of a national manufacturing strategy to better compete with foreign nations that already have them in place.

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China’s Unfair Trade Puts U.S. Auto Parts Jobs at Risk

More than 1.6 million American jobs in the nation’s auto supply chain are at risk unless China’s illegal trade practices are curtailed, according to three new reports released today. In a conference call with reporters this afternoon, United Steelworkers (USW) President Leo Gerard said:

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Revive Manufacturing with Green Jobs

Dave Johnson, a fellow at the Campaign for America’s Future, sends us this.

The United States needs a “green industrial revolution” to breath new life into American manufacturing and bring back from overseas badly needed manufacturing jobs, experts told progressive activists at today’s opening session of the “Take Back the American Dream” conference in Washington, D.C. (Click here for video highlights.)

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