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Pa. County Commissioners’ Group Withdraws Paycheck Deception Resolution

Image via Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Facebook page.

Pennsylvania working families and their allies took a big step last week in their fight to stop paycheck deception legislation. Following a statewide mobilization aimed at county commissioners, one of the most influential groups supporting the anti-union bill backed off, significantly slowing momentum for the legislation.

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Pennsylvania Republicans Push to 'Protect' Paychecks...from Higher Salaries and Benefits

Photo courtesy Pennsylvania AFL-CIO

Pennsylvania Republicans are pushing falsely titled "paycheck protection" legislation that would take away rights from workers and keep them from having good wages and benefits. The legislation would hamper workers’ ability to organize unions and represent themselves in negotiations with employers, leaving them open to any number of assaults on salary, benefits and working conditions. The legislation would prevent the deduction of union dues from public employee paychecks and is supported by groups related to the infamous Koch brothers, wealthy extremists who are behind many attacks against working families across the nation.

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Pennsylvania Unions Provide Free Back-to-School Haircuts for Children

Pennsylvania Unions Provide Free Back-to-School Haircuts for Children

Last Saturday, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, the United Way and other organizations teamed up for the eighth annual "Back-to-School Free Haircut Day" at the Pfeiffer-Burleigh School playground in Erie County. Nearly 800 children attended, according to Ron Oliver, AFL-CIO's community services liaison for the area.  Nearly all of the volunteers and funds to run the event were provided by the AFL-CIO and its affiliates. Children were given free haircuts, a free backpack and free food. Games and activities also were held to make the event even more fun for the children and families who participated.

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Pa. Voter ID Court Case: 'We Know Injustice When We See It'

Photo courtesy of Zach Hause

Jake Long, chair of the Harrisburg Region Central Labor Council’s COPE committee and a baker by trade, does not spend most of his days in Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court in Harrisburg, but it did not take him long to form an opinion of the proceedings surrounding the court’s review of the state's contested voter ID law.

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Get Inspired: Read Statements from Across Our Movement on Obama Victory

AFGE President J. David Cox helps get out the vote. AFGE photo.

Here’s a roundup of reactions to last night’s election victory by President Obama and other working family candidates from national and state union leaders.

AFT President Randi Weingarten:

The American people voted today to create opportunity and shared prosperity by sharing responsibility, and to reject the cynical "you’re on your own" philosophy.

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Pennsylvania: Get Out the Vote

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My Vote My Right Event Helps Philadelphia Voters Obtain IDs

Joseph Desprez.

Joseph Desprez, a Philadelphia voter, saw the My Vote, My Right event at PennDOT today and volunteered to be a poll watcher this November. Desprez already had a state-issued voter ID, and wanted to make sure everyone who wants to vote would be able to.

Pennsylvania voters went to the PennDOT office in the Oxford Levick Shopping Center in Philadelphia, Pa., Saturday, Sept. 22, to obtain voter IDs.

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Pa. Supreme Court Voter ID Development Is a 'Positive Step'

Pa. AFL-CIO and community activists helped voters sign up for IDs Sept. 18.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision to send the voter ID law back to the lower court for evaluation on whether the law disenfranchises voters "is a positive step," says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. 

But it is also a reminder of how cumbersome voter ID laws have become to voters. We are less than 50 days away from a critically important election, and many voters are going to face problems voting because of confusing voter ID laws. In Pennsylvania alone, more than 758,000 residents lack a state-issued ID and nationally the problem is even bigger. 

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Why Hundreds of Pennsylvanians Braved the Rain to Get an ID

Pa. voter David Holmes and AFL-CIO Vice President Arlene Holt Baker pose outside the DMV.

A little rain never hurt anybody and it certainly didn't stop hundreds of Pennsylvania voters from getting their voter IDs today at the Driver & Vehicle Services office in Pittsburgh. 

Pennsylvania voters who need IDs—thanks to a new state law that disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania residentsincluding civic-minded seniors— were assisted by representatives from the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), along with the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and various community groups. Because of the new law, Pennsylvania state officials say that more than 785,000 voters don’t have a state-issued photo identification.

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