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Jay-Z Asks California Audience to Support Prison Reform Ballot Measure

Photo by NRK P3 via Flickr creative commons

Megastar rapper Jay-Z doesn't throw his clout behind political causes too often, but when he does, it has the potential to influence his huge audience. In a performance at the Rose Bowl last week, he asked members of the California audience to support Prop. 47 in November.

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California Ruling Ignores Real Factors Behind School Performance

Earlier this week in a suit financed and backed by corporate and wealthy benefactors—including those with investments in charter schools and educational technology—a California judge ruled that the state’s teacher tenure and seniority-based layoff statues were unconstitutional.

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What Happens When an Accreditation Board Ignores Academics and Punishes a College

A California-based accreditation board sanctioned City College of San Francisco in 2012, despite the school's reputation as one of the best public community colleges in the state. The sanction could lead to the closing of the college and hardships for the 85,000 students it serves. Check out the video to see how members of AFT Local 2121, the California Federation of Teachers, the San Francisco City Attorney, the city’s governing council, state legislators and the community are actively engaged in keeping the school accredited.

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Happy Ending to This Fairy Tale? End Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich

Once upon a time, Ed Asner (former president of the Screen Actors) tells us, in this animated video from the California Federation of Teachers (CFT), there was a land that was happy and prosperous with a great education system, safe streets, jobs for everyone and a thriving middle class. But then things changed when the rich people decide they didn’t want to pay taxes anymore.


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