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Twitter Chat: Can Labor Be Saved?

Photo courtesy of CWA's Flickr photostream.

Join Communications Workers of America ( CWA ) President Larry Cohen at 2 p.m. EST for a  Twitter chat on the future of the union movement . Follow the  hashtag #U1Nation  to follow the chat. 

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America's Unions: Our Values @Work

America's Unions: Our Values @Work

Union members have been called many stereotypes over the years: thugs, relics, selfish—the list goes on. But the truth is union members are people who work and make contributions to their communities every day. Union members are innovating on the job and training the next generation of skilled workers, among many other things.

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Help Spread the News About the Good Work Union Members Do Every Day

We need your help. Sign up to be a message mover.

We're fighting back against the negative stories the national news media is putting out about our movement by establishing a Message Movers team—folks who are willing to push back against biased stories about unions through social media and email.

Can you join in? You're a powerful voice in making sure that the great work of the union movement is being spread far and wide.

Become a message mover

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Trumka: I Want to Talk to You About the Most Important Election in My Lifetime

Working people face a clear contrast of visions for America, says AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

An economy of, by and for the rich, or an economy built on investing, training, building and innovating, so that it works for all of us. 

Listen to the rest of  Trumka's message in this YouTube video  and please share with your friends and family. 

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Union Summer Interns Share Their Vision for Change

Meet the faces of Union Summer in our new Innovators website feature . Watch the video in this post or on the website here

Union Summer, an educational internship that introduces young people to the labor movement, sent interns across the United States to organize for change. For more information on Union Summer, visit . Share the video on Facebook here .  

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Mother Jones' Fighting Spirit Honored in Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland, recently celebrated Mother Jones as a labor leader and activist for working people.

Rosemary Feurer is producer of the documentary  Mother Jones, America’s Most Dangerous Woman  (2007) and is an associate professor of history at Northern Illinois University. 

The spirit of Mother Jones came home this month to Cork, Ireland. A festival honoring the Irish-American labor heroine that included the unveiling of a plaque in her honor highlighted her continuing relevance to the global project of social justice. For more on the Cork festival, see .

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Trumka: Unions and Student Activists Share Similar Vision for America

It may not always be obvious, but the union movement and progressive student activists share the same core values when it comes to fighting for social and economic justice for all people. Today, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka addressed more than 1,200 young activists at the 8th annual  Campus Progress National  Conference in Washington, D.C.:

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