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What Do You Think About Trade? The WTO Wants to Hear from You

Image courtesy of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is conducting a “public forum”—a short poll with leading questions about what people think about trade and how it affects their lives.

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U.S. Rated Alarmingly High in Global Survey of Worst Places for Workers’ Rights

U.S. Rated Alarmingly High in Global Survey of Worst Places for Workers’ Rights

The United States lags far behind other nations in protecting workers’ rights, according to a new survey from the International Trade Union Confederation. The rankings are based on 97 internationally recognized indicators and standards to assess where workers’ rights are best protected, in law and in practice.

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21 Million Workers Toil in Conditions of Forced Labor—Call on Governments to Take Action

Today’s global economy conceals a vicious, virtually invisible underworld of modern-day slavery. More than a century since most of the industrialized world outlawed slavery, more than 21 million workers toil in conditions of forced labor. These workers are generally the poorest among us, with the fewest opportunities. They can be found in fields, mines and factories in distant lands or down the street in a local restaurant or in a neighbor’s home—and their collective work generates a growing illegal profit of more than $150 billion.

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Trumka Talks Wages and Inequality in the U.S. at the International Trade Union Confederation World Congress

This week, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, along with AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Shuler and AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre, is in Berlin for the 2014 International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) World Congress. 

Check out this clip of an Equal Times discussion with President Trumka, where he talks about wages, the political environment and workers standing up in the United States.

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ICYMI: Trumka on Inequality and the Organization for Economic Co‑operation and Development

In his opening remarks to the Organization for Economic Co‑operation and Development (OECD) Forum panel, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said: "You know, whenever I come to the OECD, it's always interesting to discover which OECD I am talking to—the Monday Forum OECD that is getting serious about income inequality and going social, or the Tuesday OECD of the Economic Outlook—the OECD that makes excuses for continued mass unemployment and stagnant wages that is the reality in the majority of the OECD countries." After the forum, he was asked which OECD he found. See Trumka's response in this video. 

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The AFL-CIO Initiative on the Future of Worker Representation: An International Conversation

Like many of our global counterparts, the AFL-CIO faces many challenges. Last year, the federal Bureau for Labor Statistics announced that the percentage of U.S. workers represented by unions fell in 2012 to levels not seen since the 1930s. In response, the AFL-CIO Executive Council reaffirmed its commitment to organizing a stronger, more inclusive labor movement. As part of this commitment, Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, announced an initiative on the future of worker representation. The initiative will engage elected union leaders in the United States and globally, as well as their members and staff, workers, allies and experts, to gather information to ensure that workers continue to be represented at work and in the political arena and that the labor movement makes the changes necessary for a renewal of worker representation.

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A Fairer Playing Field for London 2012 Olympic Workers

The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) has agreed to get tougher with factories in China.

Pressure by unions, advocacy groups and workers themselves has resulted in new protections for workers making badges and mascots for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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House and Senate Members Condemn Human Rights Abuses in Honduras

Ninety-four U.S. representatives and seven senators expressed concern March 12 to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton over the deteriorating human rights situation in Honduras. In “Dear Colleague” letters, prompted by 10 labor organizations representing nearly 15 million members, the members of Congress raised Honduras’ systemic, continuing human rights violations with Clinton.

The letters say more than 300 people, including 18 journalists, have been the victims of politically related killings since the 2009 Honduran coup and remind Clinton that the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2012 requires the State Department to determine and report back to Congress whether the Honduran military is investigating military and police personnel accused of human rights violations.

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Report: Gender Pay Gap Worldwide Remains Unchanged for 10 Years


Today, International Women’s Day 2012, marks a disappointing statistic: Worldwide, women are paid 18 percent on average less than their male counterparts at work. This startling fact comes from a new report released yesterday by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

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Call Congress Today and Say ‘NO!’ on Korea, Colombia and Panama Trade Deals

Today, you can take action to stop Congress from approving job-killing trade deals with Korea, Colombia and Panama and tell Republicans and Democrats to put Americans back to work.

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