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Five Reasons Why Tom Foley Is One of the Worst Candidates for Working Families in the 2014 Elections

Tom Foley

It's an election year and we are quickly approaching the time when working families will have the opportunity to go to the polls and vote against a whole host of extreme candidates who support policies that limit rights, make it even harder to afford a middle-class life and pad the pockets of their corporate buddies. One of the "Worst Candidates for Working Families in the 2014 Elections" is Tom Foley, who is running for governor in Connecticut.

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Sun-Times Photojournalists Plan Rally

Sun-Times Photojournalists Plan Rally

The photographers and photo editors the Chicago Sun-Times fired without warning last week, when it eliminated its entire photo department, will picket and rally outside the Sun-Times building tomorrow, June 6, 8–9 a.m. CDT. If you are in Chicago, you can join them at the intersection of Franklin and N. Orleans streets.

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Chicago Sun-Times Fires Entire Photo Department, Sign a Petition Demanding Jobs Back

Chicago Sun-Times Fires Entire Photo Department, Sign a Petition Demanding Jobs Back

Last week in a 20-second meeting with Chicago Sun-Times Editor-in-Chief Jim Kirk, some 28 Sun-Times photographers and photo editors—the paper’s entire photo department—were told they were fired

Photographer John White, with 44 years at the paper, told Poynter Institute’s Kenneth Irby that the meeting was “intimidating” and said, “There was a toxic and unkind spirit in the office.”

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Now That the Election Is Over, the Real Battles in the States Begin

Photo of Rick Snyder courtesy Michigan Municipal League

While government in Washington, D.C., remains divided and marked by long-term gridlock, governments in the states are much less divided. Of the 50 states, 37 now feature state governments where the governor and majorities in both legislative houses are controlled by one party—24 of those are controlled by Republicans. Extreme, anti-working family Republicans have repeatedly assaulted the rights of people in recent years and, by all accounts, the trend looks to expand in 2013. Working families are mobilized and fought back in 2012 and will continue to fight in 2013.  The response to the "right to work" for less push in Michigan was so strong, that governors in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have since declared that they won't push for right to work in their states.

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What Workers Really Fear on the Job

What’s your biggest worry about your job?

Some 40 percent of America’s workers say they fear their benefits will be reduced in the near future, according to Gallup’s annual Work and Education poll released today. That compares with 28 percent who are afraid their wages will be cut back and 28 percent who fear they will be laid off, a percentage that's still high compared with pre-recession levels. (Click on chart to enlarge.) In addition, 26 percent fear their hours will be cut back.

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A Tax Holiday Wouldn’t Create U.S. Jobs

With Big Business pushing Congress to pass legislation granting a “tax holiday” for hundreds of U.S. corporations, a new study shows that despite a similar tax holiday in 2004, corporations slashed nearly 600,000 jobs through layoffs even as they collectively saved $64 billion from what they otherwise would have owed in taxes. Under a tax holiday, corporations could bring trillions in overseas proft back to the United States in exchange for a hugely reduced tax rate on that profit.

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Kasich’s Ohio Budget Bill Would Kill 51,052 Jobs

Yet another Republican governor is killing jobs. This time, it’s John Kasich in Ohio.

A study out today shows his proposed two-year budget could mean a direct loss of 51,052 jobs in that state. The study by Innovation Ohio shows that such job losses would be more than double the 22,000 jobs created since Kasich took office. This blow to Ohio’s economy is in addition to the Kasich-backed bill passed by the Ohio Legislature gutting collective bargaining rights for public employees, a drastic move that limits workers’ ability to attain or maintain middle-class jobs.

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