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Cleveland's Working People Speak Out Against Trump: Ed's Story

Cleveland's Working People Speak Out Against Trump: Ed's Story

"I am happy that trade issues are getting so much attention in this election," said steelworker Ed Rico in Cleveland this week. "It is a critical issue for places like Lorain, like Cleveland or any place else where we make things. It is on us, however, to be sure we separate fact from fiction when it comes to candidates’ claims and promises. And on trade matters, it is clear who stands with us and who has been part of the problem."

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Cleveland's Working People Speak Out Against Trump: Wanda's Story

Cleveland's Working People Speak Out Against Trump: Wanda's Story

"Trump tries to talk a good game about trade policy, but how is someone like me supposed to believe a word he says when his own business practices threaten my well-being and that of my co-workers?" said union member Wanda Navarro in Cleveland this week, in advance of the Republican National Convention. "I hear what he says on the need for fair trade, then I look at what he does and it just doesn’t make any sense." 

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Tell Kirk, Other Senators: Support Unemployed Workers, Restore Jobless Benefits

Call your Senators TODAY: 845-809-4509

In the past few weeks, Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) has shown a lot of love and respect for the 11 Illinois residents who recently competed for the United States at the Winter Olympic Games. Check out his Facebook page.  But, as many people who have left their comments there say, it’s time for Kirk to show some of the same respect and compassion for the state’s more than 99,000 jobless workers who lost their emergency unemployment benefits in December.

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Winners and Losers of the Week

Photo courtesy James Willamor

In our new regular weekly feature, we'll be taking a look at the winners and losers of the week in the struggle for the rights of working families. The winner will be the person or organization that goes above and beyond to expand or protect the rights of working families, while the loser will be whoever went above and beyond to limit or deny those rights.

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Working Families Say Lame Duck Can’t Bargain Away Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

Ohio AFL-CIO photo

Thursday morning outside Sen. Rob Portman’s (R-Ohio) Cincinnati office (see photo), a young single mother and her son, Vincent, who has severe disabilities, talked about the vital role Medicaid plays in their lives and how devastating any cuts to that health care lifeline would be.

The action was just one of more than 100 last week by working family activists urging Congress not to agree to a so-called “grand bargain” of deficit reduction in the upcoming lame-duck session that includes Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefit cuts.

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