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Unionized Symphony Musicians Raise Money for United Way

Photo courtesy of Paul Williams on Flickr

What comes to mind when you think “union member”? Steelworker? Teacher? Ironworker? We’d guess “symphony musician” probably doesn’t jump to the top of your list. The labor movement, though, is blessed with all kinds of workers, including Richmond’s symphony musicians.

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Black History Month Reflections: 'You Don't Understand Me, My Son and I Will Eat Here Today'

James Gibbs

This month, workers are reflecting on Black History Month and strides being made to ensure everyone has access to civil and workplace rights. 

James Gibbs, a third-generation coal miner from southwestern Virginia and an at-large international vice president of the Mine Workers (UMWA), shares a story today about his mother standing up to a prejudiced restaurant owner who initially refused to serve the mother and son. 

Text HISTORY to 235246 to hear more workers' Black History Month reflections (standard data and message rates may apply). 

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States Move to Restrict Voting Rights Following Supreme Court Ruling

Bob McDonnell photo courtesy Gage Skidmore

Following the U.S. Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling in the Shelby County v. Holder case striking down a portion of the Voting Rights Act (VRA), several states immediately took steps to increase voter suppression efforts. The court ruled unconstitutional the formula used to determine which states and locales needed to get preclearance from the Department of Justice before making changes in voting process. In recent years, Republicans have ramped up efforts to limit the right to vote, particularly through the use of voter identification laws that require eligible voters to purchase state-issued IDs before they can cast their ballots.

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Virginia Community Organizations Launch Statewide Campaign for Real Immigration Reform

Alice Foltz (left) and Arlington County Board Chair Walter Tejada oversee a breakout session at the founding meeting of the Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights. Photo by marschad.

Commonsense immigration reform at the national level must “offer a short and direct path to citizenship for all aspiring citizens already in the United States.” That was the first of six broad principles adopted by Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights, a new organization of more than a dozen community groups that gathered in Northern Virginia last Saturday. A diverse assembly of more than 100 activists came together to plan for their campaign to convince members of Congress to support “true reform” of our immigration laws that respects the dignity of every individual, strengthens families and builds a stronger economy that protects workers' rights and meets the state’s needs for a trained workforce by providing access to education for all.

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Virginia Gerrymandering Plan Blocked By House Speaker

Photo courtesy VCU CNS

An attempt to ram through a partisan redistricting map by Virginia State Senate Republicans has been blocked by the speaker of the state's House of Delegates. 

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In the States Roundup for Jan. 29

Image courtesy RIGovernor

Here's a look at some of the key battles in the states from the past week.

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There's Still Time to Phone Bank and Get Out the Vote

Worker's Voice just launched a Friends and Neighbors tool for online activists.

Do your part in getting friends and family out to vote for pro-working family candidates this Tuesday. Sign up for the Workers' Voice Friends and Neighbors (FAN) online social phone bank tool that is available in key battleground states. 

Start phone banking here:

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The Boss Fires Up Obama Supporters in Virginia

AFL-CIO Media Outreach fellow Luis Santoyo sends us this report from the battleground state of Virginia.

People started lining up outside the nTelos Wireless Pavilion in Charlottesville, Va., three hours before the start of the rare concert Monday. By 1:30 p.m., the two lines leading up to the small outdoor concert venue stretched more than two blocks through the city’s historic downtown mall.

The local Obama for America office was giving away tickets for a live performance of Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen—whose band played at the much-larger John Paul Jones Arena later that day. 

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8 Signs Your Governor Has a Koch Problem

Andy Richards on our Field Communications staff describes the eight signs to look for to see if your governor is hooked on the Kochs.

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