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Adiós Arpaio Brings Wave of Change to Maricopa County

A 13-year-old Arizonan and Adiós Arpaio volunteer had to stand up and be the man of the house because his father was deported. An 18-year-old was pulled over while driving and sent to jail because he didn't have the right documentation. These are the stories that energized Latinos, teenagers and Arizona's working families to create political change in their community. 

Adiós Arpaio, a campaign that set out to oust Sheriff Joe Arpaio, recruited 2,000 high school students to canvass and register more than 34,000 new voters. 

UNITE HERE sends us this video detailing the on-the-ground work of Arizonans who were determined to stop families from being torn apart and young people being sent to jail.

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Arizona Secretary of State Reverses Position, Calling for Overhaul of Election Process

Photo courtesy of Adios Arpaio's Facebook page.

UNITE HERE sends us this report from Arizona. 

After more than a week of protests that brought national attention to what Rachel Maddow called “Arizona’s Broken Electoral System,” Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett told the Associated Press over the weekend that he will seek an overhaul of Arizona’s ballot-counting process.

Bennett’s announcement comes just days after his initial insistence that, while not perfect, Arizona’s counting this year was customary and that protests were unnecessary.

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Hundreds in Arizona to Celebrate 'Real Winners' of This Year's Election

Hundreds in Arizona to Celebrate 'Real winners' of This Year's Election

"Hundreds in Arizona to Celebrate 'Real Winners' of This Year's Election—Arizona's Powerful Bloc of New Latino Voters" is a cross-post from UNITE HERE. 

Step aside, old Arizona. The new Arizona has arrived. This year's elections in Arizona have been marred by irregularities and polling problems that have led to more than 650,000 uncounted votes statewide, an unprecedented number of provisional ballots cast and no end in sight for the ballot count, despite Friday's deadline. More than a week after the election, a number of key races statewide hang in the balance.

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An Election Update from Arizona

Donna Gratehouse, who blogs at Democratic Diva and elsewhere on all things Arizona, sends us this.

Newly elected Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema’s Facebook feed is full of comments like this one:

I can hardly believe that you are actually going to be my Congresswoman. That's amazing. I am finally going to feel represented, and I know you'll do a good job. Thank you!

The closely watched and very heated congressional race finally came to a close Monday night when news outlets called the 9th Congressional District for Democratic candidate Sinema. As of this writing, she has a comfortable lead of more than 6,000 votes over Republican challenger and former Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker. Parker conceded yesterday.

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One-Third of Arizona Votes Uncounted Two Days After the Election

Photo courtesy of Adiós Arpaio's Facebook page:

Donna Gratehouse, who blogs at Democratic Diva and elsewhere on all things Arizona, sends us this.

Protesters are chanting “Count our votes! Count our votes!” in a vigil outside the Maricopa County Recorder’s office they've been holding since Wednesday. At issue are an estimated 600,000 outstanding ballots statewide, representing about a third of the 1.8 million votes cast in Arizona on Tuesday night. The majority of the uncounted votes are in Arizona’s most populous county, Maricopa. About a third of these ballots are provisional ones, which are issued when there is a discrepancy in the voter’s polling place or registration information. Promise Arizona, the Latino civic engagement group that organized the vigil in Phoenix, is demanding a transparent count of every vote and an explanation for why so many votes were provisional. Several precincts throughout the county reportedly ran out of provisional ballots, an occurrence unheard of before this election.

Sign the petition: Every Vote Needs to be Counted in Arizona

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We Can Change Our Communities with Unity and Determination

We Can Change Our Communities with Unity and Determination

This is a cross-post from The Huffington Post's Spanish-language site, Voces, by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. Read "El Cambio en Nuestras Comunidades se Logra Con Unión y Determinación" on The Huffington Post. 

What is often missing from the highly politicized discussions about Arizona’s immigration policies and Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s law enforcement practices are the stories of people who live with those policies and practices on a day-to-day basis. People like 15-year-old Carmen of Tempe, Ariz. Carmen’s story helps us see that change is not only possible, but becoming more real every day.  

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