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Final Presidential Debate: President Obama Will Invest in America's Workers

In the final debate, President Obama detailed a clear vision to invest in America's workers and to stop tax breaks for companies that ship U.S. jobs overseas. Mitt Romney, whose company Bain Capital was a pioneer in investing in companies that offshored American jobs, did not provide a plan to bring jobs back to the United States.

President Obama said:

Well, Gov. Romney's right, you are familiar with jobs being shipped overseas because you invested in companies that were shipping jobs overseas....But I've made a different bet on American workers.

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Foreign Policy Debate: What Working Families Are Listening For

By VOA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Tonight, as President Obama and Mitt Romney prepare for their final debate on foreign policy, many workers will have a chance to listen to the candidates’ visions for the future in a changing world. The candidates will debate six issue areas, ranging from America’s role in the world, to the ongoing wars and the rise of China. They will hear two very distinct visions for America’s role globally. While most working families continue to struggle under the strain of stagnant wages and a domestic and global jobs crisis, they will listen for these key issues.

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Here's What You Said: Presidential Debate, Round Two

We had another lively chat on the AFL-CIO Now blog during last night's presidential debate at "AFL-CIO Live Discussion on the Presidential Debate, Round Two."

Here are some unedited comments from our live chat:


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Three Takeaways from Last Night's Presidential Debate

Mitt Romney continues to be disconnected from working families' priorities. Just take a look at his tax and jobs plans he touted during last night's second presidential debate. Romney insisted he could cut tax rates for the wealthiest earners across the board without increasing the deficit or raising taxes on working people. He also touted his five-point jobs plan, which President Obama called out for what it really is:

Gov. Romney doesn't have a five-point plan. He has a one-point plan. And that plan is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules. That's been his philosophy in the private sector, that's been his philosophy as governor, that's been his philosophy as a presidential candidate.

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Tonight: AFL-CIO Second Presidential Debate Chat

Tonight: AFL-CIO Second Presidential Debate Chat

Don't forget to check into the AFL-CIO Now blog tonight at to join our live chat on the second presidential debate with our policy team and Working America

Text DEBATE to AFLCIO (235246) to join our text action team. (Standard messaging and data rates may apply.)

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Don't Forget to Tune into the AFL-CIO Live Presidential Debate Chat

Don't Forget to Tune into the AFL-CIO Live Presidential Debate Chat

Join the AFL-CIO on Tuesday, Oct. 16, from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. EDT, on the AFL-CIO Now blog for a live policy discussion and reactions to the presidential debate. Topics will include foreign and domestic policy.  

Sign up for an email reminder in the box below. Visit the night of the debate to tune in. 

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Romney-Ryan Want to Cut Your Social Security and Medicare to Pay for Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Last night, we learned vice presidential contender Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and running mate Mitt Romney envision a pretty bleak future for working people. The Romney-Ryan future is one where seniors (part of the 47%) toil until age 70 when they can collect on a woefully inadequate privatized Social Security account—where people must wait until age 67 to receive a coupon (a.k.a. Medicare voucher) for health care. A future where millionaires and billionaires, the richest 2%, continue to receive massive tax cut giveaways at the expense of working people. 

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Read Live Tweets From the Vice Presidential Debate

AFL-CIO, AFL-CIO Latino, Working America and other groups live tweeted reactions to last night's vice presidential debate. Read the responses below. 

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Follow the vice presidential debate on Twitter.

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Here's What You Said: 2012 Presidential Debate

Romney's plan to balance the budget is to cut Big Bird's funding.

We learned a lot of things about Mitt Romney during last night's debate. Not only does he want to continue the failed economic policies that brought on the recession in the first place, but he also wants to hand our feathered friend Big Bird the pink slip to continue tax breaks for the wealthiest people (the math doesn't add up). The candidates talked a lot about taxes, education and social insurance programs, but what we really enjoyed about the debates last night was listening to working people on Twitter and on our AFL-CIO Now blog's live chat

Read the entire live chat thread below and check out some of the top comments and insights from our readers:


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