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You Know What Doesn't Work So Well? Private Prisons

The myth put forth by private prison corporations like Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the GEO Group that private prisons are cheaper than public prisons is shattered by a new report from In the Public Interest, thus undercutting the primary rationale for prison privatization efforts across the country. When pushing for contracts with the many states that use private prisons, these corporations claim they are the better option because they can run prisons more cheaply than the government can. But this report not only dispels that idea, it highlights some of the less-than-savory activities the corporations engage in because of the perverse incentives created by these contracts.

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The Supremes Flirt with Oligarchy: Winners and Losers of the Week

In our regular weekly feature, we'll be taking a look at the winners and losers of the week in the struggle for the rights of working families. The winners will be the people or organizations that go above and beyond to expand or protect the rights of working families, while the losers will be whoever went above and beyond to limit or deny those rights.

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Letter Carriers Stand Solidly with Postal Workers Against USPS–Staples Deal

The Letter Carriers (NALC) have joined in the battle by the Postal Workers (APWU) to stop the U.S. Postal Service’s privatization of retail operations by contracting services to Staples with “postal counters” staffed with low-wage, high-turnover Staples employees rather than postal employees.

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Here’s What We’re Reading: Tuesday News Roundup

Here’s What We’re Reading: Tuesday News Roundup

Here are some headlines from the working families' news we're reading today (after the jump).

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Economic News Roundup

Photo courtesy: UM Women on Flickr

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI), the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the Center for American Progress (CAP) and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) have released important research about the economy in the past few weeks. Here's a look at some of the key pieces they have uncovered about the U.S. economy.

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In the States Roundup

Photo courtesy VOCAL-NY

Here's a look at some of the key battles in the states over the past week.

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Issa ‘Pure Enemy of Postal Service’ But Quiet Dems Are No Help Either

Issa ‘Pure Enemy of Postal Service’ But Quiet Dems Are No Help Either

U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is a leading voice on dismantling and privatizing the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and the architect of legislation to do that. Today on Salon, Josh Eidelson talks with Postal Workers (APWU) President Mark Dimondstein, who has harsh words not only, as expected, for Issa, “a pure enemy of the Postal Service,” but for some Democrats, too, who he says have not stepped up to “defend the public good…[and] good jobs.”

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Don’t Let USPS Hit ‘Easy Button’ to Privatization

APWU photo

More than 200 Postal Workers (APWU) members and supporters demonstrated outside Staples stores in San Francisco and San Jose on Tuesday, challenging an arrangement between the company and the U.S. Postal Service that staffs “postal” counters in Staples stores with non-postal employees. The deal threatens good-paying union jobs and jeopardizes public post offices.

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New Website Exposes Top 12 Privatizers and Profiteers in America

Across the country, for-profit companies are privatizing our schools, roads, prisons, drinking water and, sometimes, even the government itself. 

Today, the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), publishers of the award-winning, launched, a resource that functions like a Wikipedia page, devoted to helping taxpayers identify the corporations seeking to privatize public services in their communities. 

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8 Ways That ALEC Is Targeting Working Families

Photo courtesy Mentatmark

Information about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) working in secret to push state-level policy to more extreme levels is coming to light more and more and America's working families are starting to stand up to the group's corporate-driven agenda. While ALEC's agenda is all over the policy map, the organization has a particular focus on pushing new laws that attack working families and undercut the rights of workers, both in the workplace and in retirement.  Here are eight of the most dangerous and most widespread ways that ALEC is targeting workers and their right to a voice on the job.

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