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What a Funding Lapse at DHS Means to You

AFGE photo

The current congressional stalemate over funding the Department of Homeland Security past the end of the week has real-world implications for everyone in this country. DHS' primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of all U.S. residents. Anything that disrupts that mission puts all of us in danger.

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Black History Month Labor Profiles: Augusta Thomas

Black History Month Labor Profiles: Augusta Thomas

During Black History Month, we will be profiling past and present leaders in the intersecting movements to protect and expand the rights of African Americans and working families. We'll highlight both important leaders of the past and those who are continuing the legacy of those strong leaders who laid the foundation for the present. Today, we take a look at Augusta Thomas.

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I Am AFGE: Ensuring Equal Pay

In this video from AFGE’s “I Am AFGE” series we meet Audrey Townsend, the women’s coordinator for AFGE Local 383 in Washington, D.C., which represents District of Columbia government employees.  

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I Am AFGE: Vets Helping Vets

This video in the AFGE's series "I Am AFGE" is very appropriate for Veterans Day. It introduces us to Christopher Lee Castle, an AFGE vice president and a veteran who took a job as a loan specialist at the Department of Veterans Affairs so he could help his fellow soldiers. This video expresses not only the true spirit of our men and women in uniform, but the true spirit of America on the day we say "thank you" for their service.

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AFGE Files Suit to Stop USDA’s ‘Filthy’ Poultry Inspection Rule

AFGE members protest USDA's poultry inspection rule. AFGEphoto

AFGE filed suit Monday to stop the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA's) new poultry inspection rule that replaces 25% of the current USDA-trained food safety inspectors with poultry company employees and speeds up the processing lines by 400%. AFGE President J. David Cox said:

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AFGE Stands in Solidarity with Postal Workers’ Staples Boycott

AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. says:

Every AFGE member, every member of the AFL-CIO, every union member in this country is standing with the American Postal Workers. We are not shopping at Staples. We are not selling the United States mail.

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Gabrielle Martin: I Am AFGE

The latest video in the AFGE "I Am AFGE" series introduces us to Gabrielle Martin, who works at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She details the important work the commission engages in, despite being chronically underfunded and the constant target of politically motivated budget cuts.

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AFGE: Veterans' Health Care Bill 'Critical First Step' in Addressing VA Failures

Spurred by the recent revelations about long waiting lists, denied critical health care for military veterans, management cover-ups and other serious problems at Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and health care facilities, Senate and House leaders have agreed on veterans' health care funding and reform package.

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AFGE Applauds Move to Reduce Federal Prison Overcrowding

Photo courtesy Julie Tuason on Flickr

AFGE issued a release today in support of the U.S. Sentencing Commission's (USSC's) unanimous vote on Friday to allow federal prisoners serving time for low-level drug offenses to apply for early release. Overcrowding in federal prisons has become a significant problem in recent decades. AFGE notes that federal prison incarceration levels have risen 50% since 2000, and nearly 900% since 1980, much of it relating to drug sentences. The federal prison system is overcrowded by an average of 43%, with some prisons being much higher, and this increases dangers for both correctional officers working in the prisons and inmates.

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Unions Celebrate LGBTQ Progress; Look Toward Continuing Challenges

In celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month, the AFL-CIO and Pride At Work hosted a panel discussion Monday that surveyed efforts by various unions in advancing LGBTQ rights and discussed ongoing challenges that unions face in advancing the rights of LGBTQ workers. In particular, panel participants talked about the need of unions to become more inclusive, to increase efforts to protect transgender workers and to fight for state laws that prevent employers from firing workers for their sexual orientation or gender expression.

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